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Do you have a favorite lighter? Show it to the world! One day it occurred to me that my readers and Twitter followers should have a place to show off their favorite lighter. This page is dedicated to them and their favorite flame. If you want to show off your lighter, whether cheap, expensive, somewhere in between, beat up, or brand new, drop me a line via email or Twitter. 

Sent in via Twitter by @DougAhearne. This would make many cigar lovers favorite lighter list. A Dunhill Unique Lighter, purchased in the 90's from the Boston area. His favorite cigar is A. Fuente Hemingway Classic. Clearly Doug has good taste!

This soft flame Xikar EX came in from a fellow cigar loving brother via Twitter @LFL_CigarBlog. TC runs a very informative and down to earth blog. Smoking all those great sticks, I'm sure it would be to hard for him to name a favorite cigar to use his go to lighter on!

Sent in to CLR via Twitter by @Travis_Storck. This inexpensive rock star of a lighter is the Vertigo Cyclone, featuring triple flame torches.  Commenting it is reliable, never let him down, and has an epic size fuel tank. Travis's current favorite ciagar to fire up is the Joy de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo.

Mixing it up a bit from lighters are some trusty cutters sent to me via Twitter from Craig @citruswalkcc. These are the Xikar V-Cut and Xikar Xi3 Tech. Hits home with me as these are my two go to cutters as well, except my Xi3 is the STK. These look well used as they should be.

This well worn, reliable lighter comes to CLR from Twitter @KimZout. The lighter is made by Lotus, called the Vertigo Bullet. A dual flame with a nice integrated bottom slide down cigar punch. 


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