I'm "Just A Dude" that likes cigar lighters and cutters frustrated not seeing real world pictures and reviews. Now there is CLR to fill this void missing from our world. Most lighters and cutters reviewed on CLR are hands, with real pictures. My picture skills are not my strong point. Though, better than press released photos in my opinion! Lighters and cutters always appear to look much different in "real world" pics vs. press released pics. It was these type of pictures and reviews I was looking for one day. The lack of these two things in one site was frustrating. I decided to embark upon fixing this gap in our shared love of cigars and here we are today. CLR is the number one top searched lighter review site. I look forward to continuing bringing you the best real reviews by a real person. How's that for a change! 

  • Current Favorite Go To Cigar - Punch Rare Corojo 6 x 60
  • Favorite Lighter - Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top
  • Favorite Cutter - Xikar V-Cut Cutter


I really like this site, straight forward, too the point, good comments on lighters and cutters. However I think a good addition to your site would be a section "top rated" which lets you see the best overall rated, or you can organize lighters by a single category rating, instead of the overall rating, that way visitors can see the lighters you rated the highest, in addition to checking out the lighter they came to your site to get a review for.

Solid suggestion! Appreciate you taking the time to make a well thought out suggestion. I will try to incorporate this in the near future. Seriously, appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks for saying it for all of us Alex. Looking forward to it J A D.

Currently, not able to make it searchable by my rating system. Though, I did add my top picks per lighter type. Thank you again for the suggestions!


Thank you for all the information you have provided on your site.

I would like to ask your opinion on which of these two lighters you would prefer Porsche design pd3 or pd8.

Hope to hear your reply soon.
Thank you

Just found your site, and am really glad I did. I was about to make a big mistake on a high-end lighter, and you saved me some $. I enjoy most of my cigars outside around the fire pit in my patio. Can you recommend a top-shelf, heavy-duty, windproof lighter, which will light reliably?

Are you still doing reviews?? It's been 6 months since your last one. I miss them!

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