Monday, May 2, 2016

Best Cigar Lighter Butane

Best Butane Xikar Vector Review
Best Lighter Butane? Xikar vs. Vector
  Let's get one thing straight, this is only my opinion! That said, I have obviously used a crap ton of lighters straight out of the box brand new. This review will have nothing to do purging and trouble shooting. Okay, I will say one thing on that topic, if you are having issues and do not know about or how to purge a lighter, Google is your friend...
  I noticed pretty early on when I first started CLR that not all butanes are the same. I had always had Xikar Premium (3x refined) and Vector Quintuple Refined (5x) butane on hand. In the early stages of CLR I initially did a lot of Xikar lighter reviews. Seemed appropriate then to use Xikar Premium Butane. 
  One day I had filled a new cigar lighter (a Bugatti) for review and it was misfiring quite a bit. Would only light around 50% of the time. I was of course prepared to point this out in my review. Then I had a fleeting thought about my can of Vector. I emptied the lighter, purged, and filled with my can of Vector Quintuple Refined Butane. Literally, the once inconsistent brand new lighter was firing up 100% of the time! This is not to knock on Xikar's Premium as it is a pretty solid butane option. The lighter for the review must of been on the sensitive side. 
  Since then I have noticed a few differences between the two options. First, is the consistency I feel is better with Vector. Secondly, keeping the butane adjustment setting the same and filling the same lighter with Xikar and Vector separately there seems to be differences. I tend to notice more consistent blue flames and flame conformation with Vector. Xikar I notice more flashes of orange on higher settings.
Vector Quintuple Butane
Vector Butane
Xikar Premium Butane
Xikar Butane


  I have made recommendations to folks over the years about trying Vector over whatever they are currently using to fixed their problem. This is of course after doing all the other proper steps such as purging. There are a lot of bad quality butanes, to be clear Xikar is not one them. I personally feel Vector's Quintuple Refined is one level above and tends to cost less (bonus).
  Lastly, a good quality butane is not a marketing ploy, it truly makes a huge difference. You would likely be happy with either Xikar or Vector 5x, you know which one I would recommend. Blue flames to all my friends, fire 'em up!

BEST PRICES I Found Here: Vector Quintuple Refined Butane