Thursday, March 3, 2016

Prometheus Robusto II Lighter

Prometheus Robusto Lighter Built In Cutter
Prometheus Robusto Lighter And Cutter Review

From Prometheus:
Prometheus Robusto is a double torch flame lighter with a built-in guillotine cutter. The cutter swivels out, and after cutting the cigar, you can rotate it back to the locking position. It has a large gas tank window for the easy reading of when to refill. Another great cigar lighter from Prometheus! Light up your favorite cigar and celebrate!

CLR Additional Information: 
The Robusto II has a suggested retail price of $75. Considering this cigar lighter features a dual torch and built in cutter, possibly not a bad price point. This Prometheus appears to have one of the better cutter integration's I have seen. More impressively the cutter will take on a cigar ring gauge up to 60 (according to Prometheus website). Personally, not sure I would use the cutter as an everyday go to scenario, but would be great to have a solid option readily available. Lastly, if you could not tell from the pic, it is a dual torch lighter. Does not seem too shabby at all if found at the right price point.


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