Friday, January 8, 2016

Black Label Shooter LBL600

Black Label Shooter Torch Lighter
Black Label Shooter LBL600 Review
  Before I begin this review, I will admit the Black Label Shooter (LBL600) shocked a good way. Black Label puts out some very nice lighters, the ones I have reviewed usual cost a decent amount. In comes the Shooter, shown here in the bronze variation. 
  I am a bit on the fence with the whole bronze "thing" going on currently. Bronze in my opinion should patina, which none of the current Xikar or others will do. Well, to the best of my knowledge. Would be much cooler if they would patina. Then all bronze lighters would take on their own individual characteristics.
Black Label Shooter Duel Torch
  With that said, lets jump into this Black Label review. I have to start with the duel torches. Once ignited, form a dang near perfect pinpoint flame. To top this off the Shooter uses a single thumb action to fire up these twin beauties. There is a nice sized fuel gauge window in three window panes. The LBL600 is equipped with a cigar punch cutter integrated into the bottom of the lighter. Though, the fuel adjustment is not a wheel, I did find I was able to adjust the flame easily enough with my finger nail.
Black Label Shooter Punch Cutter
  Black Label has the retail price of the Shooter at $40. At the price it can be found on the internet, I think this might move into my favorite duel torch lighter. Seriously, it does not even feel cheaply made, nice overall weight. The flame is fantastic, has a punch cutter, single step to ignition, well made, and can easily be found under $30. It is the flame and this price point that makes the Black Label Shooter a real winner.

BEST Price CLR found: Black Label Shooter

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
7.5 - Aesthetics
8 - Finish/Construction
9 - Flame
8.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
9 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 8.4

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 20 successful lights
Pros - duel pinpoint torches, value, cigar punch cutter
Consideration - not a lifetime warranty - 2 years


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