Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prometheus Ultimo X Press Release

Prometheus Ultimo X Press Release
Prometheus Ultimo X Press Release (lighter & Cutters)
  Prometheus released these beauties back in early November 2014. Featuring triple torch inverted flames for pin point cigar roasting. Prometheus always makes a beautiful lighter when it comes to the God of Fire line ups. This line is they are calling the Ultimo X. These are limited editions with their own serial numbers. The two options available are the God of Fire 10th Anniversary and the Fuente Fuente Forbidden X (yes, Fuente Fuente is correct). 
  Prometheus generally makes a very nice lighter on their higher priced selections. From a non-hands on perspective and past knowledge of hands on with Prometheus, I will share some thoughts. The high polish finish is beautiful, but loves finger prints and shows superficial scratching easily. The colored fuel gauge window is very easy to read, great touch. There is a 7mm cigar punch cutter integrated into the bottom of the lighter as well. Of course the designs speak for themselves and what is not to like? 
 These limited pieces of 500 each are available along with matching cigar cutters. All prices ranging from 79.95- 99.00. The lowest price starting with the cigar cutters. 


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