Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Visol Fireball Quad Lighter Review

Visol Fireball Quad Torch Lighter Review
Visol Fireball Quad Torch Lighter Review
  Visol seems to love the heavy weight lighters. This over half pound quad torch table top lighter Visol refers to as Fireball is just that. The version used for this review is in the brushed gunmetal finish. 
  The Fireball is pretty straight forward. The body and lid operation reminds me of an oversized Zippo lighter. Being that Fireball is listed as a table top lighter my only issue is it does not stand upright very well. With the rounded bottom edges seems to be more intended to be laid on its side. Personally, I prefer table tops that stand on there own confidently. The lid operation flips up responsively revealing the four jet torches. With the wavy edges and traditional(ish) design creates a nice fusion between old and modern designs.
Visol Fireball Flame Lighter Review
  Fueling the Fireball I found a bit odd. To access the fill nozzle, there is a fingernail flip up lever. This is then unscrewed to give access for fueling. On one hand it protects dust and other elements from entering. Seems like a good idea, but it did strike me as a potential pain in the butt. BUT this is likely due to the fact this is my first time coming across this type of protection. With the size of the fuel tank, I doubt there is really much concern of taking on and off.

  Fireball definitely gives the feeling of a quality sturdy lighter that could stand a bit of punishment. There is no denying the name fits the raging flame that is emitted once the thumb cation pusher is depressed. The suggested retail is $50 and can be found for markedly less. Making the Visol Fireball bought at the right price worthy of serious consideration.

BEST Price CLR found: Visol Fireball

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
7 - Aesthetics
7.75 - Finish/Construction
9 - Flame
6.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
7.0 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 7.45

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 20 successful lights
Pros - large fuel tank, excellent flame
Consideration - rounded bottom edges, refueling protective screw


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