Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Caseti Dion Cigar Cutter Review

Caseti Dion Guillotine Cigar Cutter Review
Caseti Dion Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter Review
A new brand for CLR (sort of) up for review today. This is the Caseti Dion Double Black Guillotine Cutter. I believe Visol actually makes this product under the label Caseti. The Caseti Dion cigar cutter comes in a nice presentation box, with a soft pouch to protect the cutter. With all the high polish, I would use this. A nice added value to the cutter overall.
Caseti Dion Cigar Cutter Gift Box
This is no light weight cutter, heavy hitter for sure. Very well finished, with high polish and contrasting black finishes. Out of the box the double guillotine blades are very sharp as to be expected. There is a high polish spring loaded push button, once depressed sends the either side outwards. Once deployed the cutter can handle up to a 58 ring gauge cigar. Simply squeezing the sides together delivers a nice, even, and crisp cut.
Caseti Dion Cigar Cutter Review
The Dion cigar cutter suggested retail is $60. Though, it can easily be found for less around the $48 mark. It appears to be very well made, but is lacking the lifetime warranty some of us have grown to love and rely on. That said, it has a great feel in the hand and will be something different amongst your buddies at the local B&M.

BEST PRICE CLR found: Caseti Dion Carbon Fiber

Pros - nice heft, aesthetically very pleasing, double guillotine blades
Consideration - might be too heavy for some (personal preferences)


You might want that warranty. My lighter busted after 30 clicks

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