Saturday, February 8, 2014

Xikar Xi3 STK Titanium Black Cutter

Xikar Xi3 STK Titanium Black Cutter
Xikar Xi3 STK Titanium Black Cutter Review
  The major downside to running this blog is I have become even more particular about my personal cigar accessories. I did not think that was possible. I have been looking for the right cutter when I am not using my V-cut. Admittedly, I do have a bit an issue with wanting the nicer accessories and this usually equates to more expensive. I am sure there are a few of you out there that can sympathize with this curse! 
  I considered Palio, no doubt they make a great cigar cutter. Two things for me personally that I am not a fan of with Palio. Neither of which have anything to do quality or performance. First, I like a bit heft, whether with my lighters or cutters. I love my Xikar V-cut, but in all actuality I would prefer it heavier as well. Secondly, the overall shape of the Palio does not do it for me aesthetically.
  After goofing around with a bunch of cutters I found the "one". Xikar's Xi3 300STK Titanium Cutter is near perfect. All stainless steel, making the STK their heaviest cutter. To put this in better perspective the Xi2 Granite cutter is only 1.5 ounces vs. 3 ounces for the Xi3 STK. I also did not want something too "blingy" or shiny. The "Titanium" in the name refers to the titanium nitride (TiN) treatment, which is a black vapor coating. This gives the cutter a matte blackish gray look. A great stealthy appearance that really appealed to me. Besides adding to the look, it also adds an additional layer of external protection. As with other Xi seriess Xikar uses 440 stainless steel, with a Rockwell hardness rating of 57 (HRC) for the blades. Notice before I wrote "near" perfect. This leads me to the one thing I would change. I would really like the cutter to be able to handle up to a 60 ring gauge cigar. There are probably good reasons it does not. My best guess would be the overall size of the lighter would be too large or hurt the overall aesthetics. 
  Lastly, this cutter is not cheap coming in at a suggested $89.99. You can get the same shape and blades at a much lower cost in the Xi1 & Xi2 offerings. Of course, it just so happened I had to have this one, which of course happens to be one of most expensive choices. Regrets? Not a chance, this STK rocks. It's built like a tank, looks stealthy, lifetime no proof warranty, and my search is finally over.
BEST Price CLR found here Xi3 STK


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