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Xikar Trezo Lighter Review

Xikar Trezo Triple Torch Lighter
Xikar Trezo Lighter Review
  Today CLR takes a closer look at a long over due cigar lighter. Xikar's Trezo triple torch lighter has quickly become many cigar enthusiast favorite. It might well be Xikar's best seller in $90-$100 price range, but why? What is it that makes this lighter so great when it is missing a few "frills" usually found at this price for Xikar? (Update: compare with Colibri Stealth 3 review).
  Trezo is no nonsense and all business. It features what Xikar calls "in-line" jet torches. All three of the jets are in a row, opposed to the typical triangle layout. The two outer jets are angled inwards 8 degrees, with the middle jet remaining straight. The end result is dang near perfect, pinpoint, windproof triangular torch. If you appreciate a great flame as CLR does, this one is a beaut! Excellent for extremely accurate lighting of any cigar size, even small ring gauges using only the tip of the flame. CLR has yet to see another lighter with type of set up. This accurate and very versatile flame is definitely a large part of Trezo appeal.
Xikar Trezo Inline Lighter
Xikar Trezo Inline Flame
  For this review the gunmetal/satin finish is pictured. Trezo is now available in Xikar's all gunmetal finish called G2, a CLR favorite. Trezo is well built as to be expected, with a solid over feel. Its slimmer design bodes well for fitting comfortably in pants pockets. Though, it is not a small lighter by any means either. Aesthetically, Xikar did a nice deep etching pattern on the backside, while not over stylizing the lighter. Trezo is a bitter wider at the top, with a subtle taper down to the bottom. Once in hand, the lid flips back responsively exposing the inline jets. Using your thumb, an easy slide down pusher fires up the Trezo. 


  On the side is a decent sized fuel gauge window. The fuel tank is not huge, though definitely adequate. Remember with any triple torch lighter you will burn through more butane than a single torch. Xikar's easy to turn fuel adjustment wheel is located on the bottom of the Trezo. 
  This brings CLR back to what is lacking in the frill department typically found at Trezo's price point. There is no cigar punch/cutter and lacks a single step to ignition pusher. Trezo is more of a purist approach from Xikar is what came to mind when CLR reviewed this lighter. That said, CLR still would of liked to seen at least one of these aspects incorporated into the lighter. You are paying for a top notch lighter, with one of the best flames in the industry. Only you can decide if this lighter meets your overall needs. Judging by how many are seen being used in the "wild" the public has voted with the wallet!
  Lastly, Trezo is backed by the best warranty in the business, Xikar's lifetime warranty.

BEST Price CLR Found - Xikar Trezo

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
8.5 - Aesthetics
9 - Finish/Construction
10 - Flames
8.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
7.5 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 8.7

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 20 successful lights
Pros - superior flame, construction, Xikar lifetime warranty
Consideration - no cigar punch, two steps to igntion


Great lighter. It's amazing there aren't any other lighters on the market that angle their flames.
I have one in gunmetal

After reading this I decided that this would be the perfect lighter to buy for my husband - but I can't find it in Europe. I called the Dutch importer/distributer and he said it was an old model and when I said it was still on the Xikar website he said that it's probably in stock in the USA still but no longer being shipped to Europe! I am going to see if I can get one from a USA store - or I have to find a different model! Great reviews - very helpful for a cigar "dummy" like me! Thank you for the good work.
Anne Fraser

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