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Bugatti CEO Triple Torch Lighter

Bugatti CEO Triple Torch Lighter
Bugatti CEO Triple Torch Lighter
  Bugatti has put out a new triple torch lighter called CEO. The CEO has a typical high list price associated with anything "Bugatti" of $100, which of course can be found for much less. The lighter used for this review is shown in gunmetal and is also available in a black version.
  The CEO looks decent aesthetically, nothing overly remarkable to speak of in regards to uniqueness. The lighter fits very well in the hand, though, is on the larger side for pants pockets. It has a nice brushed gunmetal finish, with Bugatti predominantly displayed vertically. CLR was disappointed when it arrived with the black textured section for gripping. Expecting it to be more of a rubber or like finish. Instead it is hard plastic, taking away from the overall feel of the CEO. More design of function in CLR's opinion. The pusher does have nice black rubber for gripping integrated for superior feel when operating. It is not a single step to ignition action. The lid must be flipped up prior to ignition. Usually, this would be a hang up for CLR. But the lid snaps back extremely responsively. 

  Once the triple jets are ignited a beautiful raging blue windproof flame is ready to take down any stick put in front of the CEO. The fuel tank Bugatti used is larger than most. This is good as it keeps down on the number of refuels needed. Triple flames eat up a lot of butane! The fuel gauge window is a decent size. That said, CLR found it somewhat difficult to see the amount of fuel remaining through the window. The fuel is adjusted using a screwdriver or CLR found a fingernail worked well too. A fuel wheel would of rounded out the lighter better. There is also a flip down 8mm cigar punch located on the bottom. Always nice to have even if you do not prefer a punch cutter in general.
Bugatti CEO Flame
  Bugatti offers a lifetime warranty for the CEO. Though, if you are accustomed to Xikar's lifetime warranty, this one falls short. From convenience to what is actually covered. The CEO can be found around the $49 mark vs. the suggested $100. CLR liked this lighter, but more at a $29 price point.


CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
7.5 - Aesthetics
7.5 - Finish/Construction
9.5 - Flames
7.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
7 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 7.8

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 20 successful lights
Pros - excellent triple flame, cigar punch
Consideration - plastic on body, a little bulky overall


this lighter is a calibri copy from about five or more years back, I still have my Calibri copy which has been functioning just fine through the years. got it for $22.00 when Calibri went out of market

Great feedback, thank you. The price you got yours for is near the price point I suggested would be better at the end of the review. Glad to hear your Colibri is still trucking along.

Got mine for $49 + a box of free CAO Flathead... or I got a box of CAO Flathead for $49 and the lighter was free. Either way, I'm very happy with it at this price point.

Anonymous where did you find that deal????

Have had my Bugatti for 4 years now. I have had Colibris that died in half that time and at more than twice as much in price to this lighter. This lighter is tough and has a fantastic triple flame for a quick light of even a 54 ring gauge cigar without overly carbonizing the tobacco.

Purchased a new Black Bugatti triple flame lighter for my husband. The top fell off it within 2 months and there is no way to repair it... Can you say I am very disappointed in this Lighter. Was perfect for his cigars until it fell apart.

Received this lighter as a Christmas present, and very unsatisfied with it. It has never worked well and is very unreliable. Seems to consume fuel quickly and always needs to be refilled. Lights once in maybe 10 tries. Have taken it to cigar stores and they say there is nothing wrong with it. Have started using a $20 disposable torch, and it works way better and lights first time, unlike this one. I have done every check and procedure there is on this thing, and I am astounded at the bad quality and zero reliability, especially for this brand.

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