Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lotus L52 Orion Lighter Review

Lotus L52 Orion Lighter
Lotus L52 Orion Double Torch Lighter
 This is a newer offering from Lotus referred to as L52 Orion. Orion is by far CLR's favorite lighter in terms of aesthetics in Lotus's current line-up. The name Orion suggests it is from the stars. Lotus certainly captured a contemporary/futuristic look appropriate for the name. The L52 is a dual torch roasting machine. 
  The L52 has a solid metal body. Refreshing as full metal bodies are not as common as they should be in CLR's opinion. This lighter is definitely on the larger side at 2.8" x 1.5", also has some good heft to it. First to grab CLR's attention was the "jet engine" shaped sides and pusher. As if you are firing up a jet engine the push button is labeled "START". The high polished edges have a cool honeycomb type pattern layered over it. This subtle touch really rounds out the overall visual appeal of the Orion. 
Lotus L52 Orion Top TorchLotus L52 Orion Orange Gas

  A simple press of this button slides open the top lid exposing twin windproof jet torches. The double torches are inverted slightly to form a beautiful blue triangular flame. The picture does not do this flame justice, very impressive.
  Lotus incorporated another nice touch into the fuel gauge window. Instead of the mundane typical window you are likely used to seeing, this window is colored orange. Seems the fuel level was easier to see for this review vs. others reviewed.
Lotus L52 Orion Cigar Punch
  There is a nice fold out cigar punch/cutter integrated into the bottom of the lighter. Though, the fuel adjustment is not a CLR favorite, it was easy enough to turn with a fingernail. Can not stand when a screwdriver is needed every time for a simple little task like refueling butane. Overall, this lighter is quite nice, with solid construction throughout. The flame put out is fantastic and who does not like a "start" button? Simply put the L52 is one cool lighter. Lastly, Lotus only provides a two year warranty. Worth taking into consideration with other brands offering a lifetime warranty. List price is $99 and of course can be found for much less. If money is not a concern, Orion is definitely make the list of considerations.


CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
9 - Aesthetics
9.5 - Finish/Construction
9 - Flames
8 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
8 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 8.7

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 20 successful lights
Pros - well built, excellent flame, cigar punch, overall design
Consideration - little large to be comfortable in the pocket, limited warranty