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Xikar PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer

Xikar Digital Hygrometer 832XI
Xikar PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer 832XI
  My ever growing frustration of using the cheap hygrometers that come standard with the vast majority of humidors finally put me over the edge. I picked up this little gem from Xikar. Xikar calls this the PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer. 
  One of the major things I do not like about traditional hygrometers is having to calibrate them prior to use. You know the whole salt, water, and zip lock bag deal. Only to find that it is off by a few percents. No big deal, there is an adjuster in the back, right? As soon as I engaged the adjuster the needle would bounce around all over the place, crazy sensitive. Then back in the bag and wait to see I had adjusted it properly. Ughhhhh! The only time it has not been a pain was when one happened to correct. Personally, I am 1 for 4 in correct out of the box scenario. I just do not trust them with my cigar investments.
  A few months back I decided to try out a digital hygrometer by Humi-Care as the price was right. Let's just leave it at, I was not impressed and it sleeps in my desk now...Since I do not use it at all, turns out the price was not right!
  Fast forward to a week back. I read on Xikar's website how easy their hygrometer was and even watched the video. Figuring what do I have to lose at this point. I only had a few simple requests. I wanted something that will work and not be a PITA to set up. Xikar updated their digital hygrometer with a new modern(ish) style. Now with a brushed steel finish I bit the bullet. Hands down biggest selling point to me was NO calibration required. That's right, no salt, no waiting 24 hours, etc. Xikar states the PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer is accurate to +/- 2% RH (relative humidity). Also, as a bonus it includes the temperature in celious or fahrenheit to +/-1 degrees.
  It arrives, I un-package, pull battery saver protector, insert in humidor, and my journey is over. Yep, that easy and works just as it should. Worth repeating, no calibration needed! That is worth the extra buck or two right there. I did test my unit any way using the standard salt set up. The Xikar hygrometer was spot on for me. Comes with a magnet that allows you stick it wherever you choose in the humidor. The only real downside is I still have to keep my old external cheapy as the Xikar is designed for inside the humidor only. Despite what some websites selling state, this is internal only. Trust me, I purchased and use this unit. When the battery is spent, it is replaceable, taking a G-13-A found for under a buck. 
  As you can see from the pic my humidor is is doing just fine. More importantly, I know my cigars are being well kept. Regardless of how much you spend on cigars a good hygrometer is always in order. If you are keeping bad humidity and temps, even inexpensive cigars become expensive when they are not smokable. The Xikar Digitial Round or Rectangle is definitely a solid choice. 

Best Price CLR found here: Xikar Digital Hygrometer

MSRP: $24.99 for the round
MSRP: $34.99 for the rectangle (tracks high and low history as well)


My new and improved PuroTemp rectangular hygrometer was off by 4% RH after doing a salt test on it. Xikar states it's accurate by =/- 2% RH out of the box. How is this an improvement

My Humi-Care Rectangle Digital Hygrometer was right on the money using a Boveda 75% Humidification Packet

My Xikar rectangular won't go over 58%. I had the Xikar puck humidifier and a 69% Boveda pack in the humi to see if that helped and it's still 58%

How do you change the xikar purotemp round from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

How do you change the xikar purotemp round from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Should be a button on the side of the unit. Just push to change!

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