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Colibri Enterprise III Lighter Review

Colibri Enterprise III Lighter
Colibri Enterprise III Triple Torch Lighter
  Colibri now makes the Enterprise in a Triple torch version. The Enterprise III is at the top of Colibri's price point, coming in at a MSRP of $100 USD. CLR recently did a review on the Xikar Pulsar that aesthetically look almost identical. There are few notable differences between the two, touch on this further in a bit.
  The version used for this review is the gunmetal and high polish combo. There is a nice weight to the lighter, pretty solid construction. Enterprise III has a single action pusher. Once depressed the lid flips up and triple windproof jets are ignited. There is no doubt these strong wind resistant torches will roast any cigar it is challenged with. CLR are big fans of side action pushers, ergonomically excellent positioning. Colibri rounded the squared edges of the pusher, adding to the masculine visual appeal of the Enterprise. 
Colibri Enterprise III
Colibri Enterprise III Top
  Colibri put their logo on the high polished lid, seen here reflecting the wood grain beautifully. Colibri means hummingbird, which is represented in the logo itself. CLR likes the choice of gunmetal color and its smooth brushed finish (satin). 
Colibri Enterprise III Cigar Punch/Cutter
  Like Xikar's Pulsar a 7mm cigar punch is integrated into the bottom of the lighter, cutter always a bonus. Pulsar and the Enterprise III are almost identical from an exterior standpoint and both will run you around $100 at list price. BUT in CLR's opinion there are two major differences that can not be ignored. First, the Pulsar has a large fuel adjustment knob. The Colibri requires a screwdriver to adjust or refuel with butane. This one was very difficult, not user friendly. Secondly, Xikar comes with a lifetime warranty. Colibri comes with limited two year warranty and is the biggest sticky point with CLR. Especially, at this price point. Plus more opportunity for issues when burning three jets down the road. The overall finish of the Pulsar is nicer as you can see between the two reviews. All this said, if we are only looking at the Enterprise III, it is very nice lighter. Though, dollar for dollar CLR knows which lighter would be doing the cigar roasting...
Best Price CLR Found here Enterprise III 

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
8 - Aesthetics
8 - Finish/Construction
9 - Flame
5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
6.5 - Value vs List Price
CLR Final Score - 7.3 

Fire It Up Test Results:
20 attempts, 19 successful lights
Pros - triple torch, single action, fuel gauge window, cigar punch
Consideration - value vs. its closest competitor


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