Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Xikar Vitara Lighter Review

Xikar Vitara Torch Lighter
Xikar Vitara Torch Lighter
  Xikar recently delivered another new lighter to their ever expanding portfolio. Xikar calls this double torch lighter "Vitara". What does Vitara mean? Stay tuned, hoping to know shortly. UPDATE: heard back from Xikar on the name. Vida or Vita means life/lifetime in many languages. Vitara is Xikar's twist for the name. Thank you to Xikar, always cool to get a little back history. Vitara is a rock solid lighter. Offered in quite a few finish choices, black, brushed silver, pearl, gunmetal, and G2 (CLR's favorite finish).
  Xikar packed Vitara full of features, including a fuel gauge window, cigar punch, oversized fuel adjustment wheel, and single thumb action to ignition. As to be expected, the twin jets are smoking blue, forming a nice unison peak. The lighter CLR tested tended to leak butane from the jets for 1-2 seconds directly after the flame going out. CLR has experienced this with other lighters, typically not with Xikar. Not a huge deal, but worth noting.  
Vitara Double Jets
Vitara's Double Jets In Action
  Vitara's punch is integrated nicely into the side of the lighter. The punches "arm" is longer than most CLR has come across. This added length makes it easier to use because it sticks out further from the lighter. Especially, on larger ring gauged cigars. The cigar punch is on the smaller side at 7mm. Cigar punches tend to range from 7-9mm. From experience, CLR finds any of the three sizes work well.
  It is hard to knock on Xikar for their products and here is why. Xikar does not make a cheap product in construction or cost. Cost aside, the quality is consistent and there is always the "no proof of purchase lifetime warranty". To better illustrate this point, let's use the lighter in this review for example. If this was your lighter and you were not happy about the 1-2 seconds of butane hissing after the flame shut down, there is no reason to be frustrated. Simply walk into any Xikar authorized dealer Brick & Mortar store, hand over your lighter, they hand you a new one, and off you go. CLR has heard of some stores that won't, but that is a rarity. Suggested retail price on the Vitara is $69.99.

Best Price CLR found here: Xikar Vitara 

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
8.5 - Aesthetics
8.5 - Finish/Construction
8 - Flame
9 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
8 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 8.4

FIRE IT UP Results
- 20 back to back attempts, 19 successful lights
Pros - nice integrated cigar punch, strong dual flame, lifetime warranty
Consideration - tested unit hissed/leaked butane from jets briefly after extinguished 


Great reviews. I had been a Lotus fan coming into cigars, but after having a couple of them stop working after a year or two I'm finally jumping on the xikar band wagon. CI has these on sale for 29.99 this week, so looking forward to the new lighter coming in the mail.

Thank you, glad they are helpful! Lotus does make a nice lighter, but hard to beat Xikar in the warranty department. That deal on CI is crazy cheap while it last! Enjoy your new lighter.

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