Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Visol Phantom Lighter Review

Visol Phantom Lighter Review
Visol Phantom Lighter Review
  For some a lighter is just lighter, insert "boos" sound bite! If you are like CLR, a lighter is the cornerstone for firing up a favorite cigar and relaxing. This brings us to a very unique lighter on deck for review. The Visol Phantom is not only an efficient lighter, it is a conversation piece as well.
  The Phantom stands alone with it's signature design and is one of Visol's best sellers. With a press of the single thumb action the double jet torch is revealed. Unlike most cigar lighters, the dual torches pop out the side of the Phantom at an upward angle. A thumb action pusher slides smoothly down the face of the lighter. This reveals the dual torches, strong and wind resistant. Though, to adjust the flames a screwdriver is required, not the most convenient. 

Visol Phantom Double Torch Lighter
Visol Phantom Lighter
  Visol added some nice aesthetics to the Phantom as well. The version shown here is in a matte finish, with a chrome finish pusher. On the back are rows of dimples that are visually appealing, giving the user a better tactile feel. The top of the Phantom has three raised circular shapes, no apparent reason outside of design.
  Unfortunately, Visol did not add any "frills". Phantom does not have a fuel gauge window or a cigar punch. The quality and finish are just o.k. In the first picture above you can see some small blemishes on the finish directly under the pusher on the left side. The lighter is average in weight, with combined plastic and metal construction.
  This lighter is for those looking for something a little different that won't break the bank. The suggested retail of the Visol Phantom is a bit all over the place. CLR's research shows it listing between $35-$40 before any discount. If nothing else, Phantom is definitely an interesting lighter.

Best Price CLR found here: Visol Phantom

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided 5)
8 - Aesthetics
6 - Finish/Construction
8 - Flame
7 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
7 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 7.2

Pros - unique design, slim
Consideration - no fuel gauge window, finish is lacking a bit


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