Monday, July 1, 2013

Xikar Xi 007 Punch Cutter Review

Xikar Xi 007 Punch Cutter
Xikar Xi 007 Twist Punch Cutter
  The cigar punch, either like them or you don't. I used to be a punch fan, then I discovered the Xikar VX V-Cut. BUT this review of the Xikar Xi 007 is for the cigar punch fans out there and what a great punch this is. You will likely pay more for Xikar products than the alternatives. What you get in return is what you pay for, a high quality product. Backed by the industries best warranty, Xikar's lifetime no proof of purchase warranty.
  This Xi 007 is the gunmetal version, available in silver or gold as well. Undeniable, this is a killer looking dedicated cigar punch. Xikar says the dimples are for easier gripping. I found the dimples provide a cool contemporary design over actual function. As seen in the picture above, the 7mm blade is deployed. This is done by twisting the bullet shaped punch. Very smooth, with just the right amount of resistance. The round blade is very sharp, coring out the head of the cigar with ease. 
Xikar Xi 007 Twist Punch Cutter
  Once you have made your precision cut, simply twist the opposite direction to retract the blade. As the blade closes any remaining tobacco is pushed out of the punch. Now the Xi 007 is ready for the next cigar on deck. This little 2 inch punch is shockingly heavy. When I first held one, I very surprised in a good way. It's actual weight is a solid 1.6oz, impressive. Lastly, the twist punch comes equipped with an integrated keychain, a nice final touch. List price for the Xi 007 regardless of the finish is $34.99. Taking into consideration function, quality, aesthetics, and Xikar's lifetime no proof of purchase warranty, CLR feels the price is justified. Just don't lose it, no warranty for that!

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
9 - Aesthetics
9 - Finish/Construction
8.5 - Clean Cuts
9 - Function 
9 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score: 8.9

Pros - quality dedicated punch, slick design, lifetime warranty
Consideration - might be to heavy for some folks liking


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