Sunday, July 14, 2013

S.T. Dupont IPCPR 2013 Skull Lighter

 As the IPCPR 2013 gets underway, manufactures will unveil their latest and greatest. IPCPR is arguably the biggest event in the cigar industry. Three new releases are coming from one of the most renowned names in the cigar lighter industry, S.T. Dupont.

 These three beauties are hand crafted by Philippe Tournaire for S.T. Dupont. As to be expected with this kind of pedigree they are not inexpensive. The three lighters are called Skulls Celtic, Skulls Cowboy, and Skulls Roses. The lighter is a two piece construction of bronze. Bronze is one of my personal favorite types of metal. Bronze will begin to patina immediately. In doing so, each piece will become even more unique and special. The Skull series is going to be available next Spring and will cost roughly $9,750 USD. Sadly, this is probably about as close CLR will get to one these hand crafted signature pieces. But hey, ya never know! Now for the eye candy:

* Press release info. courtesy of Lighters Direct

S.T. Dupont Skulls Celtic
Skulls Celtic

S.T. Dupont Skulls Cowboy
Skulls Cowboy

S.T. Dupont Skulls Roses
Skulls Roses


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