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Rockwell Pig Iron Humidor Review

Rockwell Pig Iron Humidor
  Prediction, this is one of those reviews you will be glad read PRIOR to purchase. Today CLR is reviewing the Rockwell Pig Iron humidor. Granted, CLR mainly focuses on lighters and cutters, but CLR knows cigar accessories as a whole. I actually purchased this humidor for personal use and to say I was disappointed is putting it nicely. 
  What grabbed my attention is likely the same thing that grabbed yours as well. The Pig Iron aesthetically, is not like any humidor I had ever seen. Not having the opportunity to see the humidor prior to purchase, I was left with only the descriptions online. Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of the brass components that make up 99% of most humidors moving parts on the market today. When I saw the Rockwell Pig Iron online for the first time I said "self, I must own that!". What is not to like? With the humidors all stainless steel appearance, it screams manliness. 


  The Pig Iron is offered in two sizes 50 count and the 100 count used in this review. Comes equipped with a hygrometer, lock/key, and a rectangle humidifier. Described as a high polished diamond plate stainless steel finish. I suppose technically it could be, this is where the humidor was a gigantic disappointment for CLR. As you can see in the photos it is not a sturdy, hefty, or a thick diamond plate finish. It is a very thin wrap that appears to be applied like a sticker. Pictured above you can see where the diamond plate meets at the front corner. Not finished very well and extremely thin. Cedar is a very soft wood, needing a strong exterior to prevent damage to the box. 

  In this picture you can see the Pig Iron took a knock, that resulted in a good sized ding. The diamond plate is so thin, seemingly any little hit will damage the Rockwell. In my years of humidors, I have never had this issue before. 

  Some positives the Pig Iron has to offer are kilned dried Spanish cedar, SureSeal technology, and a couple Spanish cedar dividers. The type of quality you would expect from a humidor in the price range, no complaints in this department. I was very excited for the Pig Iron's arrival, only to be absolutely disappointed the moment it was unboxed. Rockwell fell short on a great idea, maybe another brand will step up and build one properly? Until then, CLR recommends to look elsewhere.

Pros - stainless steel appearance, aesthetics
Consideration - poorly finished, low grade exterior diamond plate 


Awaiting its arrival, shaking my head asking myself why did you not research it. The allure of the Diamond plate got me immediately. Due here tomorrow see you then.

Please share your thoughts once it arrives. You never know, you might have a different take. If nothing else, would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

Just recieved the Rockwell Pig Iron, so here we go. First I would like to say that your review was dead on, the interior (spanish cedar) in all was fantastic. On to the exterior, as you stated it was not STURDY, HEFTY or a THICK DIAMOND PLATE. My first thought was its just a thick ALUMINUM TAPE that was pealing on the upper right hand corner of the lid. So yes as you were , I also I'm very disappointd with the exterior.

Glad my review was "dead on", thanks. BUT sorry you are disappointed. It was such a let down when I received mine. I was actually going to use this humidor and had no choice but to return it.
Thank you for taking the time to contribute and follow up. I am sure others will find your experience beneficial as well.

Excellent review, I only wish I had seen this before I ordered one. Your review was spot on, hopefully another manufacturer will take the idea and actually use diamond plate steel for the exterior.

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