Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Porsche PD6 Torch Lighter Review

Porsche PD6 Torch Lighter
Porsche PD-6 Single Torch Cigar Lighter
  Want to light up that next cigar in style? Porsche known for high performance sports cars, now bears it's name on a high performance lighter by Porsche Design. The PD6 single torch cigar lighter shown here in matte black has a great tactile feel typical of a matte finish. In terms of the lighters CLR has reviewed this is the most straight forward lighter to date. Simply depressing the top right side ignites a single jet flame. The torch produced is a strong blue flame and is wind resistant as well. Pictured below is the top of the lighter. Once the thumb action pusher is depressed, the lid opens up and is ready for toasting.
  Like a Porsche, there is more under the "hood" than meets the eye. The PD6 has a special quartz mechanism to control the piezo ignition system for a near perfect flame every time. With the lighters list at $170 you are definitely paying for the name at this price point. There are some features the PD6 is lacking that CLR would of liked to of seen integrated, a cigar punch and/or a fuel gauge window. The matte finish does give the lighter an excellent feel in the hand and is certainly a stylish lighter. If you are looking for a statement piece, without added frills, the Porsche PD6 might just be the lighter for you.

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
7.5 - Aesthetics
8 - Finish/Construction
7 - Flame
7.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
3.5 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score - 6.7

Pros - great feel, good flame
Consideration - not an inexpensive lighter
MSRP - $170


Hey, I purchased two of these lighters -- both were not able to hold a flame -- I tried using some 3x filtered butane, but couldn't determine the absolute best brand to be using. I'm wondering what fuel you used and if you had any issues with the lighter keeping a continuous torch flame.

I strictly use Vector Quintuple Refined butane. I personally have had lighters that did not work with Xikar and other brands, but work flawlessly with Vector. Amazing the difference once it gets more refined. If you get this and still have troubles, leave another message and we can trouble shoot further. Amazon by far has the best prices and options.

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