Thursday, January 10, 2013

Porsche Design PD4 Lighter Review

Porsche Design PD4 
  Here we have the PD4 cigar lighter by Porsche Design. Sometimes referred to as the PD4 Laser Lighter, shown here in grey/silver. Handling the PD4, it feels like the finish would be durable, without having chipping issues. Also, it has a nice heft and appears to be quite sturdy. The PD4 has a classic feel, with the flip top lid. The "classic" stops there as this is a serious single torch lighter. Opening the lid, reveals, a mirror on the underside. The mirror is used to see the foot of the cigar when lighting, can be a handy little feature.
  Porsche Design uses a quartz mechanism to fire up the piezo ignition. The one I used for this review fired up the first time, every time. For a single jet, the flame is very strong, large, and all blue. It definitely burns hot and will be able to handle most cigar toasting needs without issue. The flame in the picture below is with the butane turned up to the the highest setting.
  Lastly, the PD4 does have a fuel gauge window. We all know this is a great feature to have on a lighter. However, it is missing a CLR favorite, an integrated cigar punch/cutter. Now for the sticker shock, this bad boy has a suggested MSRP of $190! A pretty penny for a lighter in general, let alone a single torch. Fortunately, like most things now a days, it can be found for much less. 

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
8.5 - Aesthetics
9 - Finish/Construction
7 - Flame
6 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
4 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score - 6.9

Pros - good overall finish, strong blue flame, reliable ignition
Consideration - no cigar punch/cutter, price of admission
MSRP: $190


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