Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter Review

Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter
Xikar Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter
Xikar not only produces quality cigar lighters with the Xikar lifetime warranty, they also do the same for their cigar cutters. That brings us to the Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter. Shown here in gunmetal and is also available in silver, carbon fiber, and gold finishes. This cutter finished in a brushed gunmetal, with two standard pieces of steal sandwiched in between, along with four high polish placement holders in each corner. As the name "Ultra Slim" suggest, the cutter is thinnest CLR has every used. Coming in at 2.5" long by 3.5mm thick! Yep, that is pretty darn slim. 

Xikar Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter

The Ultra Slim cuts like a champ as to be expected given that Xikar cutters historically cut very well. Do you like the larger cigar ring gauges? Xikar has you covered, cutting up to a 64 ring gauge with the Ultra Slim. As you can see in the picture the top of the cutter simply slides up, squeeze together and you are half way to cigar smoke filled bliss. 

There is one aspect of the cutter CLR would like to see improved upon. The edges seem unfinished. As if they were precision laser cut and then assembled. Leaving the edges rather sharp, some sanding/polishing would have done the Ultra Slim some good. Very noticeable on the one that was used for this review. Xikar also sells this as a combo, one lighter and one cutter. The cool aspect of the combo is the cigar cutter magnetically connects to the side of the lighter, traveling together as one. If you buy the cutter and later decide you want the lighter, it can be purchased separately. Overall, the Xikar Ultra Slim is a great fit for those not liking bulky or heavy cutters. 

Pros - slim, light weight, can be bought as an integrated lighter/cutter combo
Consideration - the finish could be better in CLR opinion
MSRP: $49.99


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