Friday, December 14, 2012

Prometheus Liquid X Lighter Review

Prometheus Liquid X Cigar Lighter
Prometheus Liquid X Cigar Lighter Review
Being reviewed today is the Prometheus Liquid X single torch cigar lighter in a chrome finish. What a visual stunner it is! The smooth lines and chrome finish makes for a very elegant look and feel. I immediately liked the feel of the lighter in my hand, great ergonomics. I purposely pictured the lighter reflecting the granite to help illustrate how nice of a finish Prometheus did with the high polish. It was quickly apparent to me that to look this good and shiny there had to be a downside. The downside of the Liquid X specifically in chrome are fingerprints, fingerprints, and more fingerprints. This is not a quality issue, it is a personal preference of liking an all chrome finish or not. Prometheus offers other versions that would be better suited to avoid this downside in matte black, gunmetal, satin nickel, and blue. The Liquid X has a slide down pusher, opposed to a standard type thumb action pusher. 

Once pushed down the lid pulls back to reveal a single jet flame. The torch is good and works well on most cigars. Directly below the slide action pusher is a nice fuel gauge window, always a great feature to have in a lighter. 

Liquid X Cigar Punch

Prometheus did integrate a cigar punch located on the bottom of the lighter. The cigar punch is on a simple swing hinge once opened. It is very loose and does not seem to evoke the same quality as the rest of Liquid X. As a whole the lighter is well constructed, still a bit bummed about the cigar punch... The lighter has a nice weight/heft equal to its quality appearance. A really nice lighter overall, though, pricey for a single torch cigar lighter at a MSRP of $99. 

Pros - sleek look, feels nice in hand
Consideration - flimsy cigar punch
MSRP: $99


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