Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lotus L38 Zephyr Lighter Review

Lotus L38 Torch Cigar Lighter
Lotus L38 Single Torch Cigar Lighter
The Lotus "Zephyr" L38 single torch is an impressive little cigar lighter. The L38 most notable feature is the dual action pushers on either side of the lighter, making for a quick and easy light. There are a lot of cool little touches in the design of the lighter beyond the pushers. Visually and functionally the Lotus Zephyr is well thought out. The L3810 being reviewed today is shown in what Lotus calls chrome velour and dark gun satin. In person, the main body looks like a dull steel finish, a bead blasted finished center, with the "Lotus" name nicely raised. 
The two side pushers and bottom are finished in the gunmetal satin. These pushers have a nice textured exterior for better gripping. Once the pushers are depressed, the lid opens up to a strong single blue jet flame. If you prefer a single torch for cigar lighting the flame is good. One of the best features of the L38 is a unique lock on the bottom of the lighter. Seen here are two orange markers when rotated it locks/unlocks the side pushers. When lined up with the orange "lock" marker on the case, the lighter is on lock down. Very cool. On the backside of the L38 is a little fuel gauge window for butane fuel level knowledge.
Lotus Zephyr Single Torch
The Lotus L38 is not the cheapest single torch cigar lighter in this market space. It would of been nice to have an integrated cigar punch to further separate the L38 from other single jet options at this price point. That said, it does have the "cool" factor, unique locking mechanism, and lots of well thought out design touches throughout. Overall, CLR likes the Lotus L38 and is worth consideration in the immense world of cigar lighters (at the right price).

BEST PRICE CLR found here: Lotus L38 Zephyr

Pros - unique locking mechanism, nice design, easy of use
Consideration - no cigar punch, pricey for single torch 
MSRP: $70


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