Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jet Line New York Quad Lighter

Jet Line New York Quad Cigar Lighter
Jet Line New York Quad Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Jet Line steps up with a serious cigar roasting machine! The lighter is called the New York Quad Flame and as the name suggest it is packing four jet torches. The version being reviewed today is shown in red, other colors available are copper, gunmetal, and yellow. No real "frills" with the Jet Line New York Quad, it's all about flame at an affordable price. Keeping in mind the lighter has an MSRP of $24.99 CLR will not be overly harsh on the build/finish of the New York. It is equipped with a decent sized fuel tank, which is definitely needed as you will soon see below.  The body is mainly constructed of plastic and some thin metal. Simply flipping open the top lid reveals the four torches, an impressive site.

Jet Line New York Jet Flame Cigar Lighter

You can see the inside of the lid is not completely painted and is not overly robust by any means. The lighter is large enough to be easily be gripped and steadied for lighting. A large thumb action pusher rest on the side of the lighter, snapping down easily for ignition. This result is one of the biggest flames that CLR has see in recent memory. Here is what a quad torch flame looks like, yeah, impressive!

What would put the New York over the top be would be if the flame was a scorching hot blue flame. Not that the flame is not roasting hot, it is for sure. There is no doubt that the Jet Line New York Quad lighter can take on any cigar ring gauge in your humidor. Fortunately, Jet Line added a fuel gauge window. A must when you are burning four jets, the lighter can make quick work of some fuel. Not sure how long the lighter will last in the long run, but you are surely to enjoy it until that day comes.

Good Prices Found Here: Jet Line New York

Pros - quad jet torch, price point
Consideration - heavy plastic construction
MSRP: $24.99


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