Monday, December 10, 2012

Colibri Venom Torch Lighter Review

Colibri Venom Cigar Lighter
Colibri Venom Single Torch Cigar Lighter
With a name like Venom, it better be on good looking cigar lighter. Colibri does deliver on aesthetics with the Venom single torch lighter. The version being reviewed today is shown in the gunmetal option, also available in silver & blue, silver & black, and satin silver. The middle and both sides of the Venom are ribbed. Reminiscent of a snakes under belly? I would have to think this was intentional by Colibri or my imagination has gotten the best of me.

Colibri Venom Single Torch Cigar Lighter

The lighter is very sleek visually, with soft curves and contemporary lines. A simple nudge of the lid and it slides back effortlessly revealing a single jet. There is a nice sized rubber thumb action pusher front and center to ignite the flame. The single torch is fair, certainly not remarkable as seen pictured. It will get the job done, though, not the flame I would want to use for 55+ ring gauges on a regular basis. The Venom does have a fuel gauge window on the backside of the lighter, always a good feature to have.

I really like this cigar lighter if Colibri would have made the Venom a dual jet torch. It has a great overall look and feel. If you like single jet cigar lighters the Venom would likely be a solid choice. 

Pros - looks great, ergonomics
Consideration - size of flame
MSRP: $50


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