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Bugatti B-2002 Dual Torch Lighter

Bugatti B-2002 Vertigo Cigar Lighter
Bugatti B-2002 Vertigo Dual Torch Cigar Lighter Review
  The Bugatti B-2002 and B-2001 (chrome/silver) Vertigo Dual Torch Lighters are in essence the big brothers to the B-1001. Same basic dimensions and same torch set up. From there it is aesthetics and construction material that separates the two. The B-2002 Vertigo is done in black rubber and copper, opposed to its all stainless steel little brother. Very cool combo and something different to mix up your cigar lighting. Bugatti used black rubber to create contrast and clean lines against the copper. The rubber of course aids in better gripping the lighter as well. A subtle touch CLR really likes is the raised "Bugatti" in copper encased by the black rubber.
Bugatti B-2002 Lighter
  The B-2002 lid opens in a classic Zippo style fashion. There is mirror on the underside of the lid. This helps you know when your cigar is fully lit by looking into mirror during lighting, a nice added little touch. The lid now open reveals to two jets, both jets create a very strong flame. CLR had no issues taking on a 64 ring gauge Cain Nub cigar. Roasting the cigar was a breeze with the dual torch produced. Would not say the thumb pusher is oversized, though, it is more than adequate. Tucked away on the bottom of the lighter is a sharp fold out cigar punch.

Bugatti B-2002 Butane
  The B-2002 falls short in two areas for CLR. First, you have to remove the actual inner lighter unit to refuel, adjust flame, or to see how much butane is left in the tank. Secondly, the actual quality of the finish is not on par with something associated with Bugatti or the list price. Good lighter, but do not forget you are paying for a name as well. The good news this dual flame lighter can be found for much less than the listed MSRP of $100. If found at the right price the Vertigo is very solid choice. The copper should change and patina over time, giving each Bugatti B-2002 its own unique look.

CLR FOUND GREAT Price here: Bugatti B-2002

Pros - copper gives unique look, strong double jets, cigar punch

Consideration - no fuel gauge window, finish not on par with a MSRP of $100


Got one of these a month ago and have to say your review is spot on. A very impressive burn and so far has fired every time. I'm wondering how long the lid will stay unmarred from having to remove the lighter from the case. I got mine as swag so it is a great lighter for that price.

Thanks for the kind words! Always good to hear that my reviews echo what my readers experience as well. I do like the uniqueness of the copper finish. Enjoy!

Mine broke after 4 months, where would I go for warranty info?

Sorry to hear! Go to Best of luck and long ashes!

I wonder if the 30$ ebay ones are good ?

Yep, that is a good place to find them at a great price.


It is either one of two things. Either one jet heads is receiving more fuel than the other or one is angled more upright. Both of the jet heads angle inwards, if they are not angled the same it could cause your situation as well.

Got this lighter today from it is awesome the review was very fair I just didn't think having to guess how much butane you have was that big of a deal.. I always maintain my lighter and check for leaks so as long you keep up on it it will last forever. If can't argue with a lifetime warranty

Bugatti offers a 3 year warranty. There is currently a special offer for a lifetime warranty if you register the lighter after purchase. I tend to burn a lot of fuel and share my lighter in social settings. This is why I like have a fuel gauge window. Appreciate your feedback and I hope you enjoy your new lighter for a very long time!

I own this lighter, and its a favorite at both my Moose Club, and my Gun club thanks Bugatti for your cars and lighters.

i had mine for less than six months, one day decided to refuel my lighter when i pulled it out ti refuel it the thing fell apart all over the floor ,tried to figure out what happened, and finally figured that the tank had cracked when it is screwed in to the top off the lighter inside the case, so i called integral because i have their so called lifetime warranty...when i called i told them i have a lifetime warranty and what was i to do, they replied follow the instructions on the website and if not they couldnt help me, so their lifetime warranty will not be honored because they suck for one and they make you pay for any repairs and have worded their warranty so that no matter what your screwed,basically their warranty is not valid its just smoke and mirrors ,in my mind if you have to jump through hoops and go through red tape and pay for it to be fixed ,then to me thats not a warranty just bs,,,long story short if urs is still working for you ur lucky but when it breaks you have to pay either way to get it fixed or u have to buy a new one and their customer support is useless at best and they are just plain yourself a favor and get a xikar at the very least if it breaks you can simply get it replaced with no bs and headache and they have a real warranty and they will stand behind it 100% zippo is another good choice to the blu2 lighters also no bs if it fails...integral-style = scam in my opinion they dont stand by promises and trust me ive e-mailed them and called them on the phone to no avail. trust me i will never buy anything from integral-style ever again they are shisters at best....and its really to bad because i did like my bugatti lighter till it broke unexpectedly but i do have lots of other good lighters from xkar and other brands and never had an issue returning damaged lighters at all with other companies ,oh well their loss because i have no problem spending top dollar on high quality cigar products i also have an extensive cigar collection and other one more time stay away from integral ,,and buy real quality from honest vendors and light up a nice cigar and enjoy the rest of your day!

I have a small box of these... about half of them work, the other half is hopeless. I would NEVER pay more than $5 for any of them, so get them with a "deal" and don't worry... ends up average price is about $15, and that is not bad. I wanted to give one as a gift, but decided to use it for so long to make sure it did not crater. Had a few scratches, but it is better than giving someone a dead guppy.

Hi Gerry,

I was dismayed to hear of your experience, please get in touch and provide your address and we will gladly send you a new insert, so you can continue to enjoy the use of your Bugatti lighter.


David Kessler

If your reading this post please note my earlier post of dissatisfaction ,,,although I had an issue with this lighter and, swore up and down I would never buy another product from integral again.... turns out that Integral-Design is actually a great company...not that long ago I was contacted by the president of integral and expressed his dissatisfaction of my issue and how it was not resolved correctly at all...To make a long story short integral offered to send me a replacement tank insert with no questions asked. I was happy about this because I had totally forgotten about this matter all together..I had also already disposed of the lighter altogether; so when integral offered to replace my tank I with regret informed them that I had tossed i then proceeded to offer to pay for another case if they would still send me a tank.....but, when they heard this they said no we will send you a whole new lighter for free and could not apologise enough. I was very happy to receive the new lighter plus they sent me an extra tank plus some extra goodies at no charge...I am extremely happy with the service that was provided to me by integral-design even if it took a while to get resolved...The bottom line is they stood by their product and explained that everyone has a bad day from time to time and mistakes happen..Im just happy that this misunderstanding was handled and my lighter is awesome...From the time I was contacted to the time I received my new lighter and extra goodies that they did not have to do, but was much appreciated was a very quick evolution...I wanted to write a review sooner than this ,only i've been held up moving to a new home so i didn't have time to write a good review earlier...Integral-design is a better company than I had thought in fact they have far surpassed any expectations that I had hoped for. I would highly recommend any product from Integral-Design and, if you do run into a problem and cant get answers don't fret; they do take customer service very seriously and care a great deal about great customer service and will do everything in their power to make you happy.....I am truly happy with my bugatti lighter and the awesome customer service I have received....Thank You , David for all your understanding and patience with this issue, and I am looking forward to getting some of the other products in my fancy new catalog..Thanx again..Cordially Gerry Payette...

CLR bringing people together, just like a fine cigar! Keep those flames raging blue!

I would pass on this lighter personally. Picked one up on C-Bid and noticed immediately that the case had damage on it. Contacted C-Bid and they told me to keep it and they would send me another. The second one comes and is in great shape. Fast forward 2 months later and can't get reliable use out of either lighter. I bleed the air out, fill with Xikar fuel and can't get 2-3 uses out of either before the flames start sputtering and then back to the 'bleed & fill' before I can get it to work again. (For another 2-3 uses) /sigh

Hi Gerry,
Experiencing the same poor customer service with Integral and came across your post from the President, David Kessler. He seemed sincere, so I thought I would call. Well, this was either a flash in the pan or a marketing ploy. I called their company 2x to only get voicemail. Left my name and # and haven't received a call back in over 10 days.
I am glad your situation was fixed, but to the other non lottery winners out there. There is ZERO customer support from this company. Do your research and ask yourself is it worth the risk to buy a product with a hyped up name and an empty warranty?

where can I getinsert for b2002,mime started to leak outside case is still in perfect shape

I am sorry to hear I said I had a very good experience with them...I don't know if Mr.kessler still works there or not...but it was 2 years ago..I really wish you got in touch with someone... really sounds fishy to me..I would try giving a call again, because I for one would really like to think they didn't get your voicemail or something... if they did and never got back to you then that is defenily not very proffesionl of them..If they don't get back to you this time...then you will know that I got really really lucky then...Although I hope this is not the case....hope this helps...Good luck...

Just got one from 2 days ago. It does not work. I filled it with xicar butane fluid and it will not light. Took to my local cigar shop and they refilled it with butane fluid and it still doesn't work. Very disappointed.

Can anyone tell me if the case is solid unfinished copper? If so, you guys should see patinas forming (eventually). Many thanks!

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