Friday, December 21, 2012

Bugatti 1 Series Lighter Review

Bugatti Series 1 Lighter
Bugatti 1 Series Single Torch Cigar Lighter
  The Bugatti 1 Series is one smooth criminal for sure!  One look at this lighter and you have to love these seamless lines and flow that makes the lighter one of Bugatti's best offerings. I could tell from the moment I first handled the 1 Series it was on a different level than the B-1, B-1001, and B-2002 CLR has already reviewed. Though, only one jet flame, the quality and finish is a step above above the previous Bugatti's. All the metal work is clean, no little rough edges or mass production type of feel. The design of the lighter is not "in your face", a nice refined looked. The "Bugatti" name is located on the top of the lid, with 6 circular indices around the edges. This little design touch is what completes the total look for CLR.
Bugatti One Series
  There is a beautiful, well thought out thumb action pusher. As seen in the first picture is slides back effortlessly to reveal a strong wind resistant blue flame upon ignition. Functionally, this is one of my favorite thumb actions I have used to date. With all the positives that have been mentioned, there are some downsides to the 1 Series. First, CLR is a huge fan of a fuel gauge window, looks like one could have been integrated nicely along the polished stainless steel portion running top to bottom of the lighter. Secondly, at an MSRP of $225, a cigar punch would have been an fantastic addition on the bottom of the Bugatti. 
Bugatti Series 1 Cigar Lighter

  Bugatti packages the 1 Series in a nice presentation box and definitely feels "special". The lighter can be found for much less than the suggested retail price. A quick internet search and you are set. Apples to apples there are better "value options" in the lighter world, remember you are paying partially for the name. This does not change the fact that the 1 Series is sleek, sexy, and has a killer thumb action ignition. We are all guilty of paying for aesthetics over absolute value at some point. This might be one of those times where "absolute" value goes out the door and getting a pretty darn cool Bugatti lighter wins the day.
BEST Price CLR Found - Bugatti Series 1

Pros - aesthetics, thumb action, strong flame
Consideration - no fuel gauge, no cigar punch, MSRP
MSRP: $225


Just got one of these online. Great lighter, but I have no idea how to open it to refill. Is there a trick to getting the bottom cap open? Mine will not seem to budge...

The bottom cap should rotate counter clockwise and spin off. A small screw driver is your friend for removing the cap. To fill is a bit different than other lighters as well. You need to have the "lever" all the way to + side, most lighters are all the way to the - side. It is a beautiful lighter. Hope this helps, enjoy!

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