Monday, December 17, 2012

Black Ops Alpha Lighter Review

Black Ops Alpha Blackout Arctic Lighter
Black-Ops Alpha Cigar Lighter Review
  Being reviewed today is a double torch cigar lighter called Alpha. Black-Ops offers the lighter in four variants named Blackout, Arctic, Desert, and Forest. Pictured above the Alpha is shown in the Blackout and Arctic versions. Before I get started please keep in mind the Alpha has a MSRP of $39.50 and features DUAL torches. The lighter looks rugged, looks can be deceiving. My first one arrived broken in half, literally broken in half. It appeared to of had a rough shipment, no fault on the end of Black-Ops, nor did I receive it from them for this review. The broken in half lighter was possible because the main body of the Alpha is made of plastic, all plastic. Far from its rugged appearance. Though, this was initially disappointing there are great aspects of the lighter as well.

Black Ops Alpha Cigar Lighter

  Starting with the dual jet flames that will toast a cigar without issue. The Alpha has a more "standard" thumb action pusher. Once depressed the lid snaps back responsively, resulting in two strong blue torch flames. What goes great with dual torches? The answer is a nice oversized fuel gauge window and the Black-Ops Alpha delivers. The body has a nice rubberized tactile feel, with good a overall size. There are two "faux" hex screw heads on either side of the lighter. Personally, not a big fan of things pretending to be something they are not. The top and bottom of the lighter are finished in a durable gunmetal. Black-Ops made the Alpha attractive visually, not so much durability. Alpha can be found at highly discounted prices vs. MSRP $39.50. Not too bad considering it is a dual torch lighter.

Pros - double torch, large fuel gauge window
Consideration - durability
MSRP: $39.50


These lighters are not designed for fixing outside of warranty period in My opinion. It can be found new for very cheap vs. the headache of trying to get your Alpha up and running again.

I picked up a dozen of these on cigarbid at $7.00 each plus $16.95 shipping so $8.41 each when all was said and done. Great review of a decent lighter. The MSRP is of course way too much to pay. Even if I'd have paid $20 each, I would be happy but probably no more. They are making great on-the-fly, 'here you go' 'you can keep it' type gifts for friends and acquaintances at the local smoke shop/lounge--I've gifted four so far, I think that these types of gifts come around and go around really well because I've been gifted back some really nice sticks. One of the best things about cigars is the sharing nature of the community. Somehow it all always works out and that's just really nice IMHO!

had mine only four months and the valve won't shut off anfd it don't want to fire
this is my second black ops
the first one lasted about a year before it started doing the same thing

I have had several of these and other Black Ops lighters, usually pay around $7 for them, they fall apart pretty fast, within months, and always have issues even when new. Not a quality product.

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