Friday, December 28, 2012

Blazer Little Buddy Lighter Review

Blazer Little Buddy
Blazer Little Buddy Single Torch Cigar Lighter
  Gotta like a lighter called Little Buddy, the name says it all. The Blazer Little Buddy is a serious little cigar torching powerhouse. Conceptually, the concept is simple and Blazer nailed it. The lighter has a safety lock that is unlocked by rolling your thumb away from the lighter. Once unlocked, pushing down on the pusher flips open the lid and ignites a single wind resistant jet flame. Unlocking to lighting is done without removing your thumb, all done progressively. A great design, especially if you are concerned with children getting into your grown up toys.
Blazer Little Buddy Top
  There is a separate red locking mechanism, this is to be used for the continuous flame option. Simply slide the lever to lock and you have a nonstop torch. Well, until you run out of butane anyway. Fortunately, the Little Buddy has a very large fuel tank and is definitely needed if you intend on using this feature. There is a clear section near the bottom of the lighter to gauge when the butane is getting low. The Blazer Little Buddy is offered in yellow, red, and black used for this review. The lighter does have fair amount of plastic components. CLR would like to see less plastic for better long term durability, this is one downside of the lighter. That said, it is one heck of a cigar lighter and is worth the price of admission given its unique features.

CLR Overall Ratings (10 being best, all added, divided by 5)
8 - Aesthetics
8 - Finish/Construction
7 - Flame
8.5 - Function & Fuel Adjustment
8 - Value vs. List Price
CLR Final Score - 7.9

Pros - continuous flame option, large fuel tank
Consideration - amount of plastic components vs price
MSRP: $55

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lotus L38 Zephyr Lighter Review

Lotus L38 Torch Cigar Lighter
Lotus L38 Single Torch Cigar Lighter
The Lotus "Zephyr" L38 single torch is an impressive little cigar lighter. The L38 most notable feature is the dual action pushers on either side of the lighter, making for a quick and easy light. There are a lot of cool little touches in the design of the lighter beyond the pushers. Visually and functionally the Lotus Zephyr is well thought out. The L3810 being reviewed today is shown in what Lotus calls chrome velour and dark gun satin. In person, the main body looks like a dull steel finish, a bead blasted finished center, with the "Lotus" name nicely raised. 
The two side pushers and bottom are finished in the gunmetal satin. These pushers have a nice textured exterior for better gripping. Once the pushers are depressed, the lid opens up to a strong single blue jet flame. If you prefer a single torch for cigar lighting the flame is good. One of the best features of the L38 is a unique lock on the bottom of the lighter. Seen here are two orange markers when rotated it locks/unlocks the side pushers. When lined up with the orange "lock" marker on the case, the lighter is on lock down. Very cool. On the backside of the L38 is a little fuel gauge window for butane fuel level knowledge.
Lotus Zephyr Single Torch
The Lotus L38 is not the cheapest single torch cigar lighter in this market space. It would of been nice to have an integrated cigar punch to further separate the L38 from other single jet options at this price point. That said, it does have the "cool" factor, unique locking mechanism, and lots of well thought out design touches throughout. Overall, CLR likes the Lotus L38 and is worth consideration in the immense world of cigar lighters (at the right price).

BEST PRICE CLR found here: Lotus L38 Zephyr

Pros - unique locking mechanism, nice design, easy of use
Consideration - no cigar punch, pricey for single torch 
MSRP: $70

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bugatti 1 Series Lighter Review

Bugatti Series 1 Lighter
Bugatti 1 Series Single Torch Cigar Lighter
  The Bugatti 1 Series is one smooth criminal for sure!  One look at this lighter and you have to love these seamless lines and flow that makes the lighter one of Bugatti's best offerings. I could tell from the moment I first handled the 1 Series it was on a different level than the B-1, B-1001, and B-2002 CLR has already reviewed. Though, only one jet flame, the quality and finish is a step above above the previous Bugatti's. All the metal work is clean, no little rough edges or mass production type of feel. The design of the lighter is not "in your face", a nice refined looked. The "Bugatti" name is located on the top of the lid, with 6 circular indices around the edges. This little design touch is what completes the total look for CLR.
Bugatti One Series
  There is a beautiful, well thought out thumb action pusher. As seen in the first picture is slides back effortlessly to reveal a strong wind resistant blue flame upon ignition. Functionally, this is one of my favorite thumb actions I have used to date. With all the positives that have been mentioned, there are some downsides to the 1 Series. First, CLR is a huge fan of a fuel gauge window, looks like one could have been integrated nicely along the polished stainless steel portion running top to bottom of the lighter. Secondly, at an MSRP of $225, a cigar punch would have been an fantastic addition on the bottom of the Bugatti. 
Bugatti Series 1 Cigar Lighter

  Bugatti packages the 1 Series in a nice presentation box and definitely feels "special". The lighter can be found for much less than the suggested retail price. A quick internet search and you are set. Apples to apples there are better "value options" in the lighter world, remember you are paying partially for the name. This does not change the fact that the 1 Series is sleek, sexy, and has a killer thumb action ignition. We are all guilty of paying for aesthetics over absolute value at some point. This might be one of those times where "absolute" value goes out the door and getting a pretty darn cool Bugatti lighter wins the day.
BEST Price CLR Found - Bugatti Series 1

Pros - aesthetics, thumb action, strong flame
Consideration - no fuel gauge, no cigar punch, MSRP
MSRP: $225

Monday, December 17, 2012

Black Ops Alpha Lighter Review

Black Ops Alpha Blackout Arctic Lighter
Black-Ops Alpha Cigar Lighter Review
  Being reviewed today is a double torch cigar lighter called Alpha. Black-Ops offers the lighter in four variants named Blackout, Arctic, Desert, and Forest. Pictured above the Alpha is shown in the Blackout and Arctic versions. Before I get started please keep in mind the Alpha has a MSRP of $39.50 and features DUAL torches. The lighter looks rugged, looks can be deceiving. My first one arrived broken in half, literally broken in half. It appeared to of had a rough shipment, no fault on the end of Black-Ops, nor did I receive it from them for this review. The broken in half lighter was possible because the main body of the Alpha is made of plastic, all plastic. Far from its rugged appearance. Though, this was initially disappointing there are great aspects of the lighter as well.

Black Ops Alpha Cigar Lighter

  Starting with the dual jet flames that will toast a cigar without issue. The Alpha has a more "standard" thumb action pusher. Once depressed the lid snaps back responsively, resulting in two strong blue torch flames. What goes great with dual torches? The answer is a nice oversized fuel gauge window and the Black-Ops Alpha delivers. The body has a nice rubberized tactile feel, with good a overall size. There are two "faux" hex screw heads on either side of the lighter. Personally, not a big fan of things pretending to be something they are not. The top and bottom of the lighter are finished in a durable gunmetal. Black-Ops made the Alpha attractive visually, not so much durability. Alpha can be found at highly discounted prices vs. MSRP $39.50. Not too bad considering it is a dual torch lighter.

Pros - double torch, large fuel gauge window
Consideration - durability
MSRP: $39.50

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prometheus Liquid X Lighter Review

Prometheus Liquid X Cigar Lighter
Prometheus Liquid X Cigar Lighter Review
Being reviewed today is the Prometheus Liquid X single torch cigar lighter in a chrome finish. What a visual stunner it is! The smooth lines and chrome finish makes for a very elegant look and feel. I immediately liked the feel of the lighter in my hand, great ergonomics. I purposely pictured the lighter reflecting the granite to help illustrate how nice of a finish Prometheus did with the high polish. It was quickly apparent to me that to look this good and shiny there had to be a downside. The downside of the Liquid X specifically in chrome are fingerprints, fingerprints, and more fingerprints. This is not a quality issue, it is a personal preference of liking an all chrome finish or not. Prometheus offers other versions that would be better suited to avoid this downside in matte black, gunmetal, satin nickel, and blue. The Liquid X has a slide down pusher, opposed to a standard type thumb action pusher. 

Once pushed down the lid pulls back to reveal a single jet flame. The torch is good and works well on most cigars. Directly below the slide action pusher is a nice fuel gauge window, always a great feature to have in a lighter. 

Liquid X Cigar Punch

Prometheus did integrate a cigar punch located on the bottom of the lighter. The cigar punch is on a simple swing hinge once opened. It is very loose and does not seem to evoke the same quality as the rest of Liquid X. As a whole the lighter is well constructed, still a bit bummed about the cigar punch... The lighter has a nice weight/heft equal to its quality appearance. A really nice lighter overall, though, pricey for a single torch cigar lighter at a MSRP of $99. 

Pros - sleek look, feels nice in hand
Consideration - flimsy cigar punch
MSRP: $99

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shuriken Anodized Black Cutter Review

Shuriken Cigar Cutter
Shuriken Anodized Black Cigar Cutter Review
OK, this was a bear to photo and it shows, granted my skills/camera could have something to do with it....Today I am reviewing the Shuriken Anodized Black cigar cutter by Cigar Tech. What the **** is this thing?! Let's get one thing out of the way, this cutter is far from small. When I went online to buy one I was confused by the pictures and how this could cut a cigar successfully. Once my Shuriken cigar cutter arrived I was amazed and shocked at the actual size of this beast. It was not heavy, more like a large pill holder on steroids! The Shuriken cutter itself is about 2 1/2 inches long. I provided a picture next to a lighter to give a better grasp of the size. It certainly does not appear this large in the pictures if you if are buying online. 

Shuriken Cigar Tech Cigar Cutter

When the cutter is unscrewed it is divided into two halves. The end that is used to cut the cigar has six razor sharp "razor" blades housed in the cutter and can handle up to a 70 ring gauge cigar! To use the cigar cutter, gently press the cigar into the Shuriken, without twisting and turning. This will result in six precision cuts into the cap of the cigar. The beauty behind the cutter is the cigar stays intact and no loose tobacco. Cigar Tech uses what they call "I Draw" technology, effectively allowing you to decide how much or little draw to take from the cigar by applying varying levels of pressure.

Having my doubts about overall effectiveness, I cut into a Perdomo ESV 02 Maduro Torpedo. The Shuriken performed like a champ to my surprise. Nice easy, tobacco free draw. Keep in mind the cigars I keep stocked all tend to have easy draws in general. The real difference being a nice clean cut, keeping the cap in tact. The Shuriken is offered in many different finishes like gunmetal, ostrich, alligator, carbon fiber, and many variations in between. The version showed here has a MSRP of $35. I really appreciate and like the concept, not a fan of the overall size. 

Pros - very unique

Consideration - the size of the cutter
MSRP: $35

Monday, December 10, 2012

Colibri Venom Torch Lighter Review

Colibri Venom Cigar Lighter
Colibri Venom Single Torch Cigar Lighter
With a name like Venom, it better be on good looking cigar lighter. Colibri does deliver on aesthetics with the Venom single torch lighter. The version being reviewed today is shown in the gunmetal option, also available in silver & blue, silver & black, and satin silver. The middle and both sides of the Venom are ribbed. Reminiscent of a snakes under belly? I would have to think this was intentional by Colibri or my imagination has gotten the best of me.

Colibri Venom Single Torch Cigar Lighter

The lighter is very sleek visually, with soft curves and contemporary lines. A simple nudge of the lid and it slides back effortlessly revealing a single jet. There is a nice sized rubber thumb action pusher front and center to ignite the flame. The single torch is fair, certainly not remarkable as seen pictured. It will get the job done, though, not the flame I would want to use for 55+ ring gauges on a regular basis. The Venom does have a fuel gauge window on the backside of the lighter, always a good feature to have.

I really like this cigar lighter if Colibri would have made the Venom a dual jet torch. It has a great overall look and feel. If you like single jet cigar lighters the Venom would likely be a solid choice. 

Pros - looks great, ergonomics
Consideration - size of flame
MSRP: $50

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bugatti B-2002 Dual Torch Lighter

Bugatti B-2002 Vertigo Cigar Lighter
Bugatti B-2002 Vertigo Dual Torch Cigar Lighter Review
  The Bugatti B-2002 and B-2001 (chrome/silver) Vertigo Dual Torch Lighters are in essence the big brothers to the B-1001. Same basic dimensions and same torch set up. From there it is aesthetics and construction material that separates the two. The B-2002 Vertigo is done in black rubber and copper, opposed to its all stainless steel little brother. Very cool combo and something different to mix up your cigar lighting. Bugatti used black rubber to create contrast and clean lines against the copper. The rubber of course aids in better gripping the lighter as well. A subtle touch CLR really likes is the raised "Bugatti" in copper encased by the black rubber.
Bugatti B-2002 Lighter
  The B-2002 lid opens in a classic Zippo style fashion. There is mirror on the underside of the lid. This helps you know when your cigar is fully lit by looking into mirror during lighting, a nice added little touch. The lid now open reveals to two jets, both jets create a very strong flame. CLR had no issues taking on a 64 ring gauge Cain Nub cigar. Roasting the cigar was a breeze with the dual torch produced. Would not say the thumb pusher is oversized, though, it is more than adequate. Tucked away on the bottom of the lighter is a sharp fold out cigar punch.

Bugatti B-2002 Butane
  The B-2002 falls short in two areas for CLR. First, you have to remove the actual inner lighter unit to refuel, adjust flame, or to see how much butane is left in the tank. Secondly, the actual quality of the finish is not on par with something associated with Bugatti or the list price. Good lighter, but do not forget you are paying for a name as well. The good news this dual flame lighter can be found for much less than the listed MSRP of $100. If found at the right price the Vertigo is very solid choice. The copper should change and patina over time, giving each Bugatti B-2002 its own unique look.

CLR FOUND GREAT Price here: Bugatti B-2002

Pros - copper gives unique look, strong double jets, cigar punch

Consideration - no fuel gauge window, finish not on par with a MSRP of $100

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Colibri Guillotine Carbon Fiber Cutter

Colibri Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter
Colibri Guillotine Carbon Fiber Cutter
Sparkly and manly, these two words do not belong in the same sentence together! There is always the exception to the rule and today it is the Colibri Carbon Fiber cigar cutter in silver. In a world where we like our toys, a fine cigar cutter should be on the list. Upon opening the package you quickly realize you are holding a serious cigar cutter. Visually and the shear heft of the cutter make you want to take a closer look. If you do not like heavy cutters in your pocket, this cutter is likely not for you. She is a definite heifer!    

The carbon fiber done in silver gives the cutter a "high class" look, not as toned down as the black Colibri Carbon Fiber option. The silver carbon compliments the high polish extremely well. There is a single high polished screw located in each of the four corners giving it a little extra aesthetic appeal. On either side are two rubber grips to better aid in using the guillotine cutter. The center button deploys the blades to either side. 

Colibri Carbon Fiber Guillotine Cutter

The blades slide out very quickly, extremely responsive. Two very sharp blades in a classic guillotine style are ready for almost any cigar. The carbon fiber cutter will take up to a 64 ring gauge. Keep in mind with all high polished items they tend to show marks/surface scratches very easily. In review, I would say the Colibri Guillotine Slice Carbon Fiber cutter is well constructed, looks great, designed well, and had no issues make a clean cut on my cigars. Lastly, she is not cheap with an MSRP of $85.

Pros - construction, aesthetics
Consideration - weight of cutter
MSRP: $85

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jet Line New York Quad Lighter

Jet Line New York Quad Cigar Lighter
Jet Line New York Quad Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Jet Line steps up with a serious cigar roasting machine! The lighter is called the New York Quad Flame and as the name suggest it is packing four jet torches. The version being reviewed today is shown in red, other colors available are copper, gunmetal, and yellow. No real "frills" with the Jet Line New York Quad, it's all about flame at an affordable price. Keeping in mind the lighter has an MSRP of $24.99 CLR will not be overly harsh on the build/finish of the New York. It is equipped with a decent sized fuel tank, which is definitely needed as you will soon see below.  The body is mainly constructed of plastic and some thin metal. Simply flipping open the top lid reveals the four torches, an impressive site.

Jet Line New York Jet Flame Cigar Lighter

You can see the inside of the lid is not completely painted and is not overly robust by any means. The lighter is large enough to be easily be gripped and steadied for lighting. A large thumb action pusher rest on the side of the lighter, snapping down easily for ignition. This result is one of the biggest flames that CLR has see in recent memory. Here is what a quad torch flame looks like, yeah, impressive!

What would put the New York over the top be would be if the flame was a scorching hot blue flame. Not that the flame is not roasting hot, it is for sure. There is no doubt that the Jet Line New York Quad lighter can take on any cigar ring gauge in your humidor. Fortunately, Jet Line added a fuel gauge window. A must when you are burning four jets, the lighter can make quick work of some fuel. Not sure how long the lighter will last in the long run, but you are surely to enjoy it until that day comes.

Good Prices Found Here: Jet Line New York

Pros - quad jet torch, price point
Consideration - heavy plastic construction
MSRP: $24.99

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter Review

Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter
Xikar Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter
Xikar not only produces quality cigar lighters with the Xikar lifetime warranty, they also do the same for their cigar cutters. That brings us to the Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter. Shown here in gunmetal and is also available in silver, carbon fiber, and gold finishes. This cutter finished in a brushed gunmetal, with two standard pieces of steal sandwiched in between, along with four high polish placement holders in each corner. As the name "Ultra Slim" suggest, the cutter is thinnest CLR has every used. Coming in at 2.5" long by 3.5mm thick! Yep, that is pretty darn slim. 

Xikar Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter

The Ultra Slim cuts like a champ as to be expected given that Xikar cutters historically cut very well. Do you like the larger cigar ring gauges? Xikar has you covered, cutting up to a 64 ring gauge with the Ultra Slim. As you can see in the picture the top of the cutter simply slides up, squeeze together and you are half way to cigar smoke filled bliss. 

There is one aspect of the cutter CLR would like to see improved upon. The edges seem unfinished. As if they were precision laser cut and then assembled. Leaving the edges rather sharp, some sanding/polishing would have done the Ultra Slim some good. Very noticeable on the one that was used for this review. Xikar also sells this as a combo, one lighter and one cutter. The cool aspect of the combo is the cigar cutter magnetically connects to the side of the lighter, traveling together as one. If you buy the cutter and later decide you want the lighter, it can be purchased separately. Overall, the Xikar Ultra Slim is a great fit for those not liking bulky or heavy cutters. 

Pros - slim, light weight, can be bought as an integrated lighter/cutter combo
Consideration - the finish could be better in CLR opinion
MSRP: $49.99