Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter Review

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter
Xikar XTX TableTop Triple Flame Lighter Review
Here we have the current largest cigar lighter in the Xikar XTX lineup, the XTX Triple Torch Tabletop lighter. For comparison purposes I have taken a couple photos of the XTX Tabletop lighter vs. the XTX single torch being the smallest. The tabletop measures in at 3.5 H x 2.25 W vs. the XTX single torch at 2 H x 1.3 W. You can see the XTX table top is a serious lighter, packing powerful triple jet flame to back up its beastliness.

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter

The version shown here has the gunmetal finish and is CLR favorite finish of the three variation options of silver, black, and of course gunmetal. The body of the lighter is done in a brushed finish that is complimented by high polished finishes on top, bottom, and the single action pusher. It feels great in the palm of your hand, ergonomically and size are spot on. On the right side there is a large single thumb push action to open the lid and ignite the triple jets. CLR only complaint is in regards to this single action pusher, it has to much play. Meaning if you tap/grab the push action it goes in a bit and makes a metal tin clank noise. Likely, something you would not of noticed until you read this. But for any of those perfectionist out there, it would be noticed. Here you can see the three powerful jets, when lit make it one mean cigar torching machine.

The XTX Tabletop is equipped with an oversized fuel adjustment wheel. Xikar makes it very easy to adjust the torch and to refuel. CLR has zero doubt this lighter can take on any cigar to be roasted to perfection. Overall, a nice table top lighter offered at a fair price. 

Pros - great size, easy to use, three powerful jet torches, Xikar Lifetime Warranty
Consideration - single action pusher noise discussed above
MSRP - $89.99


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