Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Xikar XTX Single Torch Lighter

Xikar XTX Single Lighter
Xikar XTX Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Xikar XTX Single
Xikar XTX Single Brushed Silver 
Xikar's smallest offering in the XTX lineup is the single torch lighter coming in at 2" x 1.3". This is one powerful little lighter and is best appreciated in person. In the picture below you can see the size difference between the Xikar Incline and Xikar XTX Single for comparison. The Incline is considerably larger. Interestingly, the XTX single weighs more and feels  a lot more substantial.

Xikar Comparison
Xikar Size Comparison, Incline vs. XTX Single
When the lighter is  in your hand, you instantly know you are holding a very nice lighter. Visually, the brushed silver is CLR favorite version. For long term aesthetics brushed stainless steel wins day. The right side is simply depressed and a very impressive torch flame is ignited. As usually, Xikar includes a nice oversized fuel adjustment knob and fuel viewing window. Great value, that will last a lifetime, guarenteed by Xikar's warranty. No shame in firing up any cigar with this little single flame powerhouse! 

Pros - powerful little lighter, great weight, Xikar lifetime warranty
Consideration - price point