Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Xikar Stratosphere Review

Xikar Stratosphere Cigar Lighter
Xikar Stratosphere Torch Cigar Lighter
  Ever been on a mountain, frustrated you can not get your favorite cigar lit? Well, Xikar has a solution for that! The Xikar Stratosphere torch lighter is designed to function at high altitudes, up 12,000 feet above sea level. It is Xikar's most rugged lighter to date, courtesy of the rubberized case. The case has a diamond pattern to help give it a better tactile feel. With a simple push of the side button, the top pops open to reveal a single jet flame. The lid opens and closes with a crisp snap. The pusher is adequate in size and also has nice firm snap when depressed. Once depressed, a strong blue single flame comes raging out when set on the highest setting. 
Xikar Stratosphere Clear Lid Open
Xikar Stratosphere Lid Open
  An oversized fuel gauge window is located on the side. The fuel adjustment knob is easily accessible and is oversized as well. The overall lighter is a little larger in size and feels good in the hand. Being a little on the larger side will help with easier operation, wearing hiking gloves, and finding amongst your gear. Rounding out the utility feel of the Stratosphere, Xikar has included an attached lanyard. Xikar offers the Stratosphere in four variants, black, hunter green, clear, and blue. When the outdoor calls upon you, the Stratosphere will be ready for your cigar.

Pros - Durable, Xikar Lifetime Warranty
Consideration - Would be cool if the lighter was waterproof when closed