Friday, November 16, 2012

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter Review

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter
Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Triple Jet Lighter Review
In full disclosure, I own this lighter, I bought this lighter, I love this lighter, and this review will be biased based on the AWESOMENESS of this lighter! This is called the Xikar Mayan Cloisonne TableTop Lighter, featuring a triple jet flame. As you can see from the photos the Mayan lighter has large presence and is not a lighter meant to travel. It is a table top lighter, which generally means the lighter will be large, easy to use, and stand upright on a table.

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter

The lighter has an excellent finish of brushed and high polished stainless steel. The Mayan Cloisonne has beautifully executed inlays that are a tribute to Mayan culture.  Cloisonne is an ancient art technique of decorating metalwork using crushed glass to create this amazing enamel. As you can see from the pictures this is extremely well done and is meant to last a lifetime. 

Grabbing the Xikar Mayan and depressing in both sides opens up the top of the lighter to reveal the triple torch. Upon ignition produce three very powerful blue torches. The triple torch is ready for some serious roasting, torch any cigar without issue. Even the sound of these jets is impressive. Unlike most lighters I have used, my personal Mayan Cloisonne table top literally lights every time on the first attempt. That is saying something! 

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Tripe Torch

There is an extra large adjustment wheel on the bottom. Turned to the highest setting as pictured above produces a seriously large blue torch. The flame is very big and can be rather translucent in the normal daylight conditions, one needs to respect the flame. Xikar put a good sized fuel tank in the Mayan table top lighter and I have no complaints in this department. Typically, L&CR likes to have a fuel gauge window, but in the case of this table top lighter it would distract to much from the overall look of the lighter. Good call by Xikar by omitting of a fuel gauge window. The lighter is well constructed, no "clinking or clanking" type noises when handling or operating. 

Biased review or the Xikar Mayan table top lighter that good? Yep, just that good!

Pros - fit/finish, reliable, triple jet torches, Xikar lifetime warranty
Consideration - price point
MSRP $149.99


I too am biased when it comes to this lighter, I own one as well and it is a joy to behold and use. The cloisonne is expertly done, the fit and finish superb. This lighter is hefty, extremely well made and lights my larger gauge cigars with ease.

I bet one of these also, in part based on the review and positive comment. It is a very sharp looking lighter. When it arrived, however, it had, and has, a distinct rattle. Something is plainly loose on the inside. Has any one experienced this rattle?

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