Monday, November 5, 2012

Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition Lighter

Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition
Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition Cigar Lighter Review

Here we have the Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition single flame butane cigar lighter in red. The lighter comes in a nice little presentation box, that also includes a protective handcrafted leather carrying case. The leather case is a nice touch and will definitely help keep the lighter from acquiring the inevitable scratches. Let's get to what we really care about, the lighter. 
Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition

This Signature Edition has a very sophisticated old school look, with elegant contrasting red and gold finishes. Romeo y Julieta used solid copper for the case, with palladium plating. The lighter uses a classic flint ignition, a quick strike of the side roller ignites a beautiful flame to get your cigar going strong. Be warned this lighter is not going to be wear and tear friendly, you heard it here first at CLR...That said, she is a real beauty upon first site and sure to light strong for many years to come. The suggested MSRP is sky high, but can be found for MUCH less with some research. Kick back old school style, no torch lighter needed here!

Pros - classic appeal, nice weight
Consideration - not sure how it will look after heavy use