Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colibri Reload Torch Lighter Review

Colibri Reload Torch Cigar Lighter
Colibri Reload Single Torch Cigar Lighter Cigar
Colibri has come up with a niche idea in the cigar lighter market. The lighter is called the Colibri Reload and is a single torch lighter. With the Reload it is what the name suggest, a reloadable fuel tank. Once the fuel tank is empty, it is then reloaded with a new tank or "cartridge". Below you can the see the Reload with the cartridge removed.

Colibri Reload Single Jet Cigar Lighter

There is a large steel wheel that is easily unscrewed for extremely easy fuel cartridge exchanges. This is very convenient for those not wanting to mess with conventional refueling methods. The obvious downside to this is having to buy the cartridges if you are an avid cigar smoker. Of course you will pay a bit of a premium for refueling with pre-filled fuel cartridges in the long run. Depressing the single action pusher lifts the lid and lights a single jet torch. The lighter has a nice easy light producing a strong blue flame. The Colibri Reload is a great concept, though, definitely not for everyone.

Pros - convenience of refueling
Consideration - buying refuel cartridges
MSRP: $49.95


I love these particular lighters, and have bought three of them over the last two years. My main complaint; the finish is scratched easily - as all mine are scraped up including the one that's only been used twice. They can be had for cheap, and Colibri doesn't manufacture them anymore from what I understand, probably because people figured out you can easily refill the reload containers by removing the black adjustment cap. I keep a few handy, and quick-swap them in when i run low on fuel.

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