Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 Lighter Review

Colibri Quantum Xtreme Lighter
Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 Torch Lighter Review
Like adventure or heights? Then the Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 torch lighter might be the answer. The Quantum has the cool factor and looks ready for adventure. It feels good in the hand, easy to hold and grip. Worthy of noting if you are wearing gloves, size and design lend to easier use. The two visible red gaskets provide a water tight seal, making the lighter waterproof to 30 feet. Twisting off the cap reveals an oversized pusher for ease of lighting. Depressing the pusher ignites a wind resistant single jet flame, this torch will work at altitudes up to 13K feet. 
Colibri Quantum Xtreme Torch
Here you can see the compass on the bottom of the lighter. CLR feels this was either an after thought or just thrown in for the "cool" factor. Why? Of the two lighters CLR tested, neither were accurate. Shook it, rattled it, and it was a roll of the dice if it was accurate. Actually, that might even be a bit generous. The real world need of this compass is probably a non-point, it is the other features that are the selling point of the Quantum II (2). 
Colibri Quantum Xtreme Compass
Unscrewing the bottom cap reveals the fuel valve and fuel adjustment, easy fueling here. There is a stainless steel belt clip, the clip is functional and integrated well. Quantum is supplied with a lanyard that goes into the top cap if one chooses. Overall, a pretty good design for the cigar adventurer. 

Pros - waterproof, rugged
Consideration - compass is more for looks than function


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