Friday, November 9, 2012

Colibri Monza Review

Colibri Monza Torch Lighter
Colibri Monza Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Review
  The Colibri Monza cigar lighter is a cigar roasting machine. The lighter upon first impression evokes "now that's a lighter" feeling, with it's hefty hand presence. CLR definitely leans towards hefty lighters, good weight adds considerably to the feeling of quality. Do these two things always go hand and hand? No, but this time it does for sure. Colibri used a knurled/diamond type texture for the sides of the Monza for superior gripping. Unfortunately, the four screws on either side panel are for looks only, they are not real. CLR is not a fan of "faux" anything, especially screws. Before firing up the triple flame torch, you can flip down the 8mm cigar punch from the bottom of the lighter. A good cigar punch is always a nice integrated feature.
Colibri Monza Torch Lighter
  After cutting your cigar, one click of the button and you are firing on all three cylinders. 

  Monza also has a convenient fuel gauge window for easy viewing, always a nice feature. In review, you get a triple jet torch, 8mm cigar punch cutter, and a fuel gauge window, adding up to one serious lighter. Does not hurt that it looks great too. It is one of those lighters that makes you want to go smoke a if we need any help in that department!

BEST PRICE CLR found here: Colibri Monza

Pros - Triple torch happiness, one step to ignition, cigar punch
Consideration - Burns fuel much quicker via triple jet flame, fake screws
MSRP: $85