Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cigar Savor Single Lighter Review

Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Lighter
Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Cigar Lighter Review
The Cigar Savor is single jet torch lighter and is a pretty straight forward cigar roaster. That said, for the money it is serious contender. This version is done in a classic brushed stainless steel. The finish is smooth and has a higher sheen than you would expect. It seems to be coated with a clear coating of some sort or it is a "faux" stainless steel brushed finish. Not quite sure? There is a single action side pusher that once depressed slides open two halves at the top of the lighter and ignites a single jet flame. 

Cigar Savor Lighter

To open the Cigar Savor's top takes a bit more force than I am accustomed to operate the side action pusher compared to other lighters I have used. This is not a terrible thing, just worth noting. 

Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Lighter

As you can see above the Cigar Savor has the more standard fuel adjustment requiring a small screw driver. Much prefer a nice adjustment wheel, but when you are talking about a lighter that can be found for markably less than the MSRP $29.95, it is hard to be overly picky. There is a fuel gauge window located on the bottom of the lighter. It is an odd location and also difficult to read. There is another version of this lighter for about the same money that comes with a fold out cigar punch cutter and a fuel gauge window located on the side of the lighter. Definitely, worth keeping in mind if you are looking to get a Cigar Savor Single Torch lighter off of the internet.

Pros - lot of lighter for the money, single action to light
Consideration - side pusher takes a decent amount of force to depress completely
MSRP: $29.95


I purchased one a little while ago and it worked for one filling of butane. It did not work after I filled it a second time. I have no clue where to return it for repair/replacement.

The best option would be to contact where you purchased it from. Sorry to hear, best of luck!

Best lighter I've used so far, especially when you can find it for @ 10$. Can drain fuel fast, but again, for the price .......

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