Monday, November 12, 2012

Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter Review

Bugatti B 1001 Torch Lighter
Bugatti B 1001 Cigar Torch Lighter Review 
  When you think of Bugatti, naturally high performance comes to mind. This does not only apply to sports cars, but lighters as well. Here we have the Bugatti B-100 Vertigo dual torch lighter. The exterior reminds CLR of a contemporary Zippo style lighter. Bugatti went with a brushed finish, with Bugatti engraved in a raised relief vertically. A brushed finish is nice for long time wear and tear visually. It comes packaged somewhat generically seen here below:

  After flipping open the top and one click of the ignition system, you realize very quickly the Vertigo was meant for cigar roasting via the powerful twin jet torches, producing a nice blue flame. CLR is a big fan of fuel gauge windows, which this Bugatti is lacking. It is made up for in some regards by an oversized fuel tank. 

Bugatti B-1001 Twin Jet

  There is a very sharp fold down cigar punch located on the bottom of the lighter. Forget your cutter on the run? You are covered either way. Refueling the lighter is one of the downsides to the Vertigo series. To read more and see detailed pics of how to refuel the lighter please go to the Bugatti B-2002 review. Overall, if you are after a high performance torch lighter, this would be one worth throwing in the list of considerations found at the right price.

Pros - twin jet torches, construction, long term aesthetics via brushed finish, cigar punch
Consideration - CLR is not a big fan of more than one step for ignition, Fueling, no fuel gauge window
MSRP: $100