Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter Review

Bugatti B-1 Single Torch Lighter
Bugatti B-1 Single Torch Lighter
  The Bugatti B-1 is a compact little powerhouse, delivering a single jet torch for proper cigar roasting. The B-1 is stylish as to be expected with the name Bugatti being associated with the lighter. One of the first things I noticed while handling the B-1 is the weight. Being that I am a big fan of hefty lighters, this gave me an instant good first impression. 

Bugatti B-1Jet Flame Lighter

  The body of the lighter is done in a gunmetal finish, with stainless steel polished sides, as well as real hex screws located in the corners. The hex screws give the B-1 that little extra touch of class and manliness. Prior to lighting your favorite cigar, you have the option of using one of two different sized integrated cigar punches. The two punches are revealed by simply flipping down the side as seen in the picture below. 

  Onto the most important aspect of the Bugatti B-1, the torch. The lid slides off the top with a quick flip of the thumb. Usually, I am not a big fan of a two steps prior to ignition. Though, this lid snapped over very responsively and is not too much of a hindrance. There is a side action pusher, once depressed fires up the single jet flame. This powerful jet emits a a very nice blue flame. Sadly, the B-1 uses the dreaded screwdriver adjustment to increase/decrease butane output.
  In general CLR finds single torch lighters just adequate for lighting most "average" size ring gauges without too much hassle. The Bugatti B-1 is no different, it should be able take on your cigar lighting regimen for years to come. That said, there have been several readers that have reached out to me not finding the same lighting consistencies that I had found.

FIRE IT UP Results:
- 10 back to back lighting attempts, 10 successful lights.
Pros - nice overall size, aesthetics, integrated dual cigar punches
Consideration - pricey for a single torch lighter
MSRP: $100


I used for several years and would've still be using it if it wasn't for airport security...
I got it all scraped up after carrying in a pocket with loose change. Not a smartest decision. Looked ugly after that, finish is not that sturdy.
Punches were a pain. First of all they are too close to each other- cigars always get scraped up. Also the punches themselves do not sit well in their slots and tend to move and fall out over time. As you are punching a cigar the puncher slides away, cigar gets deeper scratches from second punch and you have to push the punch back and it has sharp edges and your finger get's hurt. Not buying it again... Lots of good stogies and evenings to remember though.

Mine is a piece of crap. Cant find the address to ship it off for repair. Its all double talk.

Been over 5 years not and I use my B-1 almost daily. I concur, the punches are a little close together, but I make it work. My large punch came lose early on. Maybe I'll work my small punch lose and take it out all together since I never use it. All in all, this is my daily torch. Many have came and gone before and after. This one just seems to hang around. It's not going anywhere anytime soon I guess.

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