Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Ops Delta Blackout Review

Black Ops Delta Blackout Torch Lighter
Black-Ops Delta Blackout Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Here we have the Black-Ops Delta Blackout Single Torch cigar lighter. Keeping with the the stealthy name of Black-Ops the lighter is all black, with the exception of the branding in white. Black-Ops used rubber for superior gripping on the front half of the Delta. The rest of the Delta Blackout is painted in a black finish. Personally, I've never been a big fan of black finishes due to long term durability. Like a car, looks great until it gets a scratch. PVD coated (black finished) watches are all rave currently and look like hell if it is in regular wrist rotation. I digress...back to the lighter!

Black Ops Delta Single Jet Lighter

A quick flip of the lid and push with the thumb lights up the single jet flame. That is what I call a two step lighter. I much prefer a one step lighter, one push, lid opens, and torch ignition. There is a nice oversized fuel adjustment, great not having to use a screw driver to adjust. Also, the Delta Blackout has a fuel gauge viewing window. Worth keeping in mind we are talking about $28 torch lighter. All said, this is decent value for roasting a cigar.

Pros - stealthy, rubber grip, large fuel adjustment wheel
Consideration - "two step" lighter, durability?

MSRP: $28


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