Monday, November 12, 2012

Alec Bradley Hendrix Torch Lighter

Alec Bradley Hendrix Torch
Alec Bradley Hendrix Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review
The Alec Bradley Hendrix single torch lighter offers a very chill, yet elegant vibe. The Hendrix is offered in red, yellow, and black finishes. All the colors offer a fantastic contrast against the high polished finish. It feels solid in the hand and the curved middle transition is a nice design. One downside to the Hendrix is the fair amount of plastic used, as well as high polish paint finishes. The one CLR reviewed already had piece of faux chrome "flake" off. Alec Bradley built the lighter with an oversized fuel tank. Less refills, less maintenance, more time to roast cigars!  Sadly, Hendrix is lacking a fuel gauge window...but the lighter does have a fuel adjustment wheel. The Hendrix is a two step lighter, flip top, then depress to ignite. Alec Bradley's name is prominently displayed on the side of this single jet lighter. Overall, an ok little single jet flame lighter if found at the right price.

Pros - it looks nice, decent weight
Consideration - not likely to last many years of regular use