Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter Review

Bugatti B-1 Single Torch Lighter
Bugatti B-1 Single Torch Lighter
  The Bugatti B-1 is a compact little powerhouse, delivering a single jet torch for proper cigar roasting. The B-1 is stylish as to be expected with the name Bugatti being associated with the lighter. One of the first things I noticed while handling the B-1 is the weight. Being that I am a big fan of hefty lighters, this gave me an instant good first impression. 

Bugatti B-1Jet Flame Lighter

  The body of the lighter is done in a gunmetal finish, with stainless steel polished sides, as well as real hex screws located in the corners. The hex screws give the B-1 that little extra touch of class and manliness. Prior to lighting your favorite cigar, you have the option of using one of two different sized integrated cigar punches. The two punches are revealed by simply flipping down the side as seen in the picture below. 

  Onto the most important aspect of the Bugatti B-1, the torch. The lid slides off the top with a quick flip of the thumb. Usually, I am not a big fan of a two steps prior to ignition. Though, this lid snapped over very responsively and is not too much of a hindrance. There is a side action pusher, once depressed fires up the single jet flame. This powerful jet emits a a very nice blue flame. Sadly, the B-1 uses the dreaded screwdriver adjustment to increase/decrease butane output.
  In general CLR finds single torch lighters just adequate for lighting most "average" size ring gauges without too much hassle. The Bugatti B-1 is no different, it should be able take on your cigar lighting regimen for years to come. That said, there have been several readers that have reached out to me not finding the same lighting consistencies that I had found.

FIRE IT UP Results:
- 10 back to back lighting attempts, 10 successful lights.
Pros - nice overall size, aesthetics, integrated dual cigar punches
Consideration - pricey for a single torch lighter
MSRP: $100

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cigar Savor Single Lighter Review

Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Lighter
Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Cigar Lighter Review
The Cigar Savor is single jet torch lighter and is a pretty straight forward cigar roaster. That said, for the money it is serious contender. This version is done in a classic brushed stainless steel. The finish is smooth and has a higher sheen than you would expect. It seems to be coated with a clear coating of some sort or it is a "faux" stainless steel brushed finish. Not quite sure? There is a single action side pusher that once depressed slides open two halves at the top of the lighter and ignites a single jet flame. 

Cigar Savor Lighter

To open the Cigar Savor's top takes a bit more force than I am accustomed to operate the side action pusher compared to other lighters I have used. This is not a terrible thing, just worth noting. 

Cigar Savor Single Flame Torch Lighter

As you can see above the Cigar Savor has the more standard fuel adjustment requiring a small screw driver. Much prefer a nice adjustment wheel, but when you are talking about a lighter that can be found for markably less than the MSRP $29.95, it is hard to be overly picky. There is a fuel gauge window located on the bottom of the lighter. It is an odd location and also difficult to read. There is another version of this lighter for about the same money that comes with a fold out cigar punch cutter and a fuel gauge window located on the side of the lighter. Definitely, worth keeping in mind if you are looking to get a Cigar Savor Single Torch lighter off of the internet.

Pros - lot of lighter for the money, single action to light
Consideration - side pusher takes a decent amount of force to depress completely
MSRP: $29.95

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colibri Reload Torch Lighter Review

Colibri Reload Torch Cigar Lighter
Colibri Reload Single Torch Cigar Lighter Cigar
Colibri has come up with a niche idea in the cigar lighter market. The lighter is called the Colibri Reload and is a single torch lighter. With the Reload it is what the name suggest, a reloadable fuel tank. Once the fuel tank is empty, it is then reloaded with a new tank or "cartridge". Below you can the see the Reload with the cartridge removed.

Colibri Reload Single Jet Cigar Lighter

There is a large steel wheel that is easily unscrewed for extremely easy fuel cartridge exchanges. This is very convenient for those not wanting to mess with conventional refueling methods. The obvious downside to this is having to buy the cartridges if you are an avid cigar smoker. Of course you will pay a bit of a premium for refueling with pre-filled fuel cartridges in the long run. Depressing the single action pusher lifts the lid and lights a single jet torch. The lighter has a nice easy light producing a strong blue flame. The Colibri Reload is a great concept, though, definitely not for everyone.

Pros - convenience of refueling
Consideration - buying refuel cartridges
MSRP: $49.95

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Ops Delta Blackout Review

Black Ops Delta Blackout Torch Lighter
Black-Ops Delta Blackout Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Here we have the Black-Ops Delta Blackout Single Torch cigar lighter. Keeping with the the stealthy name of Black-Ops the lighter is all black, with the exception of the branding in white. Black-Ops used rubber for superior gripping on the front half of the Delta. The rest of the Delta Blackout is painted in a black finish. Personally, I've never been a big fan of black finishes due to long term durability. Like a car, looks great until it gets a scratch. PVD coated (black finished) watches are all rave currently and look like hell if it is in regular wrist rotation. I digress...back to the lighter!

Black Ops Delta Single Jet Lighter

A quick flip of the lid and push with the thumb lights up the single jet flame. That is what I call a two step lighter. I much prefer a one step lighter, one push, lid opens, and torch ignition. There is a nice oversized fuel adjustment, great not having to use a screw driver to adjust. Also, the Delta Blackout has a fuel gauge viewing window. Worth keeping in mind we are talking about $28 torch lighter. All said, this is decent value for roasting a cigar.

Pros - stealthy, rubber grip, large fuel adjustment wheel
Consideration - "two step" lighter, durability?

MSRP: $28

Lotus Ave Maria Lighter Review

Lotus Ave Maria Single Torch Cigar Lighter
Lotus Ave Maria Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Lotus makes a wide range of cigar lighters, today CLR will be reviewing the Ave Maria Single Torch lighter. Aesthetically, the Ave Maria stands alone from the majority of cigar lighters on the market, with the body of the lighter being wrapped in a deep brown leather inlay. The leather depicts a warrior, equipped with a sword and shield. A nice weight to the lighter adds to the sense of a quality construction. Complimenting the soft leather are brushed stainless steel finishes on the top and bottom. CLR favorite feature in a any lighter is a single action to ignition. A single thumb action slides the top off to the side, revealing a single jet flame for your all your cigar roasting needs.

Lotus Ave Maria Single Cigar Lighter

  There is a nice size fuel adjustment wheel located on the bottom of the Ave Maria. This is where the only gripe comes into play, the wheel is plastic. With everything else about the Ave Maria feeling like quality, this cost cutting oversight is a disappointment. The lighter is also lacking a fuel gauge viewing window. Lastly, the "Lotus" name is nicely engraved vertically into the head of the lighter. The Ave Maria Torch Lighter is easily found for quite a bargain on the internet, which translates to decent a value on this single jet flame lighter.

Pros - leather inlay, single thumb action
Consideration - cheap plastic fuel wheel, no fuel gauge window
MSRP: $49.99

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jet Line Grenade Lighter Review

Jet Line Grenade Triple Torch Lighter
Jet Line Grenade Triple Torch Cigar Lighter
  Here we have the Jet Line Grenade Triple Torch flame lighter. The Jet Line being reviewed today is offered in four color variants amber, black, green and shown here in clear. I was surprised to see how large the lighter was, it stands over 4" tall! It's called "Grenade" and it resembles just that. Beyond what seems gimmicky is actually one hell of a lighter for the money. The Jet Line fuel tank is comically large, equating to less refills. The clear plastic body allows you to know your fuel level at all times. The lighter also has four "feet", it is more of a tabletop lighter.

Jet Line Grenade Triple Torch Lighter

  Popping off the chained cap reveals three impressive jet torches. Depressing the larger single push button ignites three blue wind resistant flames, making for one really hot torch. I clicked this lighter about twenty times in row and it fired up each and every time. Worth noting the lid/cap does not lock into place at all, simply slips on and off. CLR would like to see this somehow lock down, maybe a down and twist type of locking? 

Jet Line Grenade Triple Flame

  A quick search on the internet for the Jet Line Grenade Triple Torch lighter and it can be found very inexpensively. It is hard to beat this lighter from a pure value standpoint if you are in the market for a triple jet flame lighter. 

Pros - triple torch, large fuel tank
Consideration - plastic, non-locking cap
MSRP: $39.99

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter Review

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter
Xikar XTX TableTop Triple Flame Lighter Review
Here we have the current largest cigar lighter in the Xikar XTX lineup, the XTX Triple Torch Tabletop lighter. For comparison purposes I have taken a couple photos of the XTX Tabletop lighter vs. the XTX single torch being the smallest. The tabletop measures in at 3.5 H x 2.25 W vs. the XTX single torch at 2 H x 1.3 W. You can see the XTX table top is a serious lighter, packing powerful triple jet flame to back up its beastliness.

Xikar XTX Tabletop Lighter

The version shown here has the gunmetal finish and is CLR favorite finish of the three variation options of silver, black, and of course gunmetal. The body of the lighter is done in a brushed finish that is complimented by high polished finishes on top, bottom, and the single action pusher. It feels great in the palm of your hand, ergonomically and size are spot on. On the right side there is a large single thumb push action to open the lid and ignite the triple jets. CLR only complaint is in regards to this single action pusher, it has to much play. Meaning if you tap/grab the push action it goes in a bit and makes a metal tin clank noise. Likely, something you would not of noticed until you read this. But for any of those perfectionist out there, it would be noticed. Here you can see the three powerful jets, when lit make it one mean cigar torching machine.

The XTX Tabletop is equipped with an oversized fuel adjustment wheel. Xikar makes it very easy to adjust the torch and to refuel. CLR has zero doubt this lighter can take on any cigar to be roasted to perfection. Overall, a nice table top lighter offered at a fair price. 

Pros - great size, easy to use, three powerful jet torches, Xikar Lifetime Warranty
Consideration - single action pusher noise discussed above
MSRP - $89.99

Friday, November 16, 2012

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter Review

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter
Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Triple Jet Lighter Review
In full disclosure, I own this lighter, I bought this lighter, I love this lighter, and this review will be biased based on the AWESOMENESS of this lighter! This is called the Xikar Mayan Cloisonne TableTop Lighter, featuring a triple jet flame. As you can see from the photos the Mayan lighter has large presence and is not a lighter meant to travel. It is a table top lighter, which generally means the lighter will be large, easy to use, and stand upright on a table.

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter

The lighter has an excellent finish of brushed and high polished stainless steel. The Mayan Cloisonne has beautifully executed inlays that are a tribute to Mayan culture.  Cloisonne is an ancient art technique of decorating metalwork using crushed glass to create this amazing enamel. As you can see from the pictures this is extremely well done and is meant to last a lifetime. 

Grabbing the Xikar Mayan and depressing in both sides opens up the top of the lighter to reveal the triple torch. Upon ignition produce three very powerful blue torches. The triple torch is ready for some serious roasting, torch any cigar without issue. Even the sound of these jets is impressive. Unlike most lighters I have used, my personal Mayan Cloisonne table top literally lights every time on the first attempt. That is saying something! 

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Tripe Torch

There is an extra large adjustment wheel on the bottom. Turned to the highest setting as pictured above produces a seriously large blue torch. The flame is very big and can be rather translucent in the normal daylight conditions, one needs to respect the flame. Xikar put a good sized fuel tank in the Mayan table top lighter and I have no complaints in this department. Typically, L&CR likes to have a fuel gauge window, but in the case of this table top lighter it would distract to much from the overall look of the lighter. Good call by Xikar by omitting of a fuel gauge window. The lighter is well constructed, no "clinking or clanking" type noises when handling or operating. 

Biased review or the Xikar Mayan table top lighter that good? Yep, just that good!

Pros - fit/finish, reliable, triple jet torches, Xikar lifetime warranty
Consideration - price point
MSRP $149.99

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 Lighter Review

Colibri Quantum Xtreme Lighter
Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 Torch Lighter Review
Like adventure or heights? Then the Colibri Quantum Xtreme 2 torch lighter might be the answer. The Quantum has the cool factor and looks ready for adventure. It feels good in the hand, easy to hold and grip. Worthy of noting if you are wearing gloves, size and design lend to easier use. The two visible red gaskets provide a water tight seal, making the lighter waterproof to 30 feet. Twisting off the cap reveals an oversized pusher for ease of lighting. Depressing the pusher ignites a wind resistant single jet flame, this torch will work at altitudes up to 13K feet. 
Colibri Quantum Xtreme Torch
Here you can see the compass on the bottom of the lighter. CLR feels this was either an after thought or just thrown in for the "cool" factor. Why? Of the two lighters CLR tested, neither were accurate. Shook it, rattled it, and it was a roll of the dice if it was accurate. Actually, that might even be a bit generous. The real world need of this compass is probably a non-point, it is the other features that are the selling point of the Quantum II (2). 
Colibri Quantum Xtreme Compass
Unscrewing the bottom cap reveals the fuel valve and fuel adjustment, easy fueling here. There is a stainless steel belt clip, the clip is functional and integrated well. Quantum is supplied with a lanyard that goes into the top cap if one chooses. Overall, a pretty good design for the cigar adventurer. 

Pros - waterproof, rugged
Consideration - compass is more for looks than function

Monday, November 12, 2012

Alec Bradley Hendrix Torch Lighter

Alec Bradley Hendrix Torch
Alec Bradley Hendrix Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review
The Alec Bradley Hendrix single torch lighter offers a very chill, yet elegant vibe. The Hendrix is offered in red, yellow, and black finishes. All the colors offer a fantastic contrast against the high polished finish. It feels solid in the hand and the curved middle transition is a nice design. One downside to the Hendrix is the fair amount of plastic used, as well as high polish paint finishes. The one CLR reviewed already had piece of faux chrome "flake" off. Alec Bradley built the lighter with an oversized fuel tank. Less refills, less maintenance, more time to roast cigars!  Sadly, Hendrix is lacking a fuel gauge window...but the lighter does have a fuel adjustment wheel. The Hendrix is a two step lighter, flip top, then depress to ignite. Alec Bradley's name is prominently displayed on the side of this single jet lighter. Overall, an ok little single jet flame lighter if found at the right price.

Pros - it looks nice, decent weight
Consideration - not likely to last many years of regular use

Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter Review

Bugatti B 1001 Torch Lighter
Bugatti B 1001 Cigar Torch Lighter Review 
  When you think of Bugatti, naturally high performance comes to mind. This does not only apply to sports cars, but lighters as well. Here we have the Bugatti B-100 Vertigo dual torch lighter. The exterior reminds CLR of a contemporary Zippo style lighter. Bugatti went with a brushed finish, with Bugatti engraved in a raised relief vertically. A brushed finish is nice for long time wear and tear visually. It comes packaged somewhat generically seen here below:

  After flipping open the top and one click of the ignition system, you realize very quickly the Vertigo was meant for cigar roasting via the powerful twin jet torches, producing a nice blue flame. CLR is a big fan of fuel gauge windows, which this Bugatti is lacking. It is made up for in some regards by an oversized fuel tank. 

Bugatti B-1001 Twin Jet

  There is a very sharp fold down cigar punch located on the bottom of the lighter. Forget your cutter on the run? You are covered either way. Refueling the lighter is one of the downsides to the Vertigo series. To read more and see detailed pics of how to refuel the lighter please go to the Bugatti B-2002 review. Overall, if you are after a high performance torch lighter, this would be one worth throwing in the list of considerations found at the right price.

Pros - twin jet torches, construction, long term aesthetics via brushed finish, cigar punch
Consideration - CLR is not a big fan of more than one step for ignition, Fueling, no fuel gauge window
MSRP: $100

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Colibri Empire Lighter Review

Colibri Empire Torch Lighter
Colibri Empire Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review

The Colibri Empire torch single flame lighter appeals to the more sophisticated side of the senses. Empire gives off the "look at me" vibe, with it's lacquered finishes, high polished chrome, and soft curves. Flipping open the top reveals a single jet torch. It produces a decent single flame adequate for handling most cigar ring gauges.

Colibri Empire Single Jet
Then with a push of the center button you are in cigar roasting territory. CLR was hoping it would be a single push of the button and off to smoke filled such luck. Colibri equipped the Empire with a front and center fuel gauge viewing window, easy to read. The center button on this one "clacks" a bit, seemed to be a non-issue. Not that it would break, just lacking in the solid feel a bit. The Colibri Empire is offered in Thunder gray (pictured), green, red, blue, and of course black. A nice fold out cigar punch would have rounded this lighter out nicely. No doubt the Empire is a great looking lighter, that is sure to impress. Though, at list price there are other single flame lighters that would likely get greater consideration for CLR.

Pros - looks impressive, nice fuel gauge window
Consideration - at this price point some other lighters come to mind
MSRP: $69

Friday, November 9, 2012

Colibri Monza Review

Colibri Monza Torch Lighter
Colibri Monza Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Review
  The Colibri Monza cigar lighter is a cigar roasting machine. The lighter upon first impression evokes "now that's a lighter" feeling, with it's hefty hand presence. CLR definitely leans towards hefty lighters, good weight adds considerably to the feeling of quality. Do these two things always go hand and hand? No, but this time it does for sure. Colibri used a knurled/diamond type texture for the sides of the Monza for superior gripping. Unfortunately, the four screws on either side panel are for looks only, they are not real. CLR is not a fan of "faux" anything, especially screws. Before firing up the triple flame torch, you can flip down the 8mm cigar punch from the bottom of the lighter. A good cigar punch is always a nice integrated feature.
Colibri Monza Torch Lighter
  After cutting your cigar, one click of the button and you are firing on all three cylinders. 

  Monza also has a convenient fuel gauge window for easy viewing, always a nice feature. In review, you get a triple jet torch, 8mm cigar punch cutter, and a fuel gauge window, adding up to one serious lighter. Does not hurt that it looks great too. It is one of those lighters that makes you want to go smoke a if we need any help in that department!

BEST PRICE CLR found here: Colibri Monza

Pros - Triple torch happiness, one step to ignition, cigar punch
Consideration - Burns fuel much quicker via triple jet flame, fake screws
MSRP: $85

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Xikar XTX Single Torch Lighter

Xikar XTX Single Lighter
Xikar XTX Single Torch Cigar Lighter Review
Xikar XTX Single
Xikar XTX Single Brushed Silver 
Xikar's smallest offering in the XTX lineup is the single torch lighter coming in at 2" x 1.3". This is one powerful little lighter and is best appreciated in person. In the picture below you can see the size difference between the Xikar Incline and Xikar XTX Single for comparison. The Incline is considerably larger. Interestingly, the XTX single weighs more and feels  a lot more substantial.

Xikar Comparison
Xikar Size Comparison, Incline vs. XTX Single
When the lighter is  in your hand, you instantly know you are holding a very nice lighter. Visually, the brushed silver is CLR favorite version. For long term aesthetics brushed stainless steel wins day. The right side is simply depressed and a very impressive torch flame is ignited. As usually, Xikar includes a nice oversized fuel adjustment knob and fuel viewing window. Great value, that will last a lifetime, guarenteed by Xikar's warranty. No shame in firing up any cigar with this little single flame powerhouse! 

Pros - powerful little lighter, great weight, Xikar lifetime warranty
Consideration - price point

Xikar Stratosphere Review

Xikar Stratosphere Cigar Lighter
Xikar Stratosphere Torch Cigar Lighter
  Ever been on a mountain, frustrated you can not get your favorite cigar lit? Well, Xikar has a solution for that! The Xikar Stratosphere torch lighter is designed to function at high altitudes, up 12,000 feet above sea level. It is Xikar's most rugged lighter to date, courtesy of the rubberized case. The case has a diamond pattern to help give it a better tactile feel. With a simple push of the side button, the top pops open to reveal a single jet flame. The lid opens and closes with a crisp snap. The pusher is adequate in size and also has nice firm snap when depressed. Once depressed, a strong blue single flame comes raging out when set on the highest setting. 
Xikar Stratosphere Clear Lid Open
Xikar Stratosphere Lid Open
  An oversized fuel gauge window is located on the side. The fuel adjustment knob is easily accessible and is oversized as well. The overall lighter is a little larger in size and feels good in the hand. Being a little on the larger side will help with easier operation, wearing hiking gloves, and finding amongst your gear. Rounding out the utility feel of the Stratosphere, Xikar has included an attached lanyard. Xikar offers the Stratosphere in four variants, black, hunter green, clear, and blue. When the outdoor calls upon you, the Stratosphere will be ready for your cigar.

Pros - Durable, Xikar Lifetime Warranty
Consideration - Would be cool if the lighter was waterproof when closed

Monday, November 5, 2012

Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition Lighter

Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition
Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition Cigar Lighter Review

Here we have the Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition single flame butane cigar lighter in red. The lighter comes in a nice little presentation box, that also includes a protective handcrafted leather carrying case. The leather case is a nice touch and will definitely help keep the lighter from acquiring the inevitable scratches. Let's get to what we really care about, the lighter. 
Romeo y Julieta Signature Edition

This Signature Edition has a very sophisticated old school look, with elegant contrasting red and gold finishes. Romeo y Julieta used solid copper for the case, with palladium plating. The lighter uses a classic flint ignition, a quick strike of the side roller ignites a beautiful flame to get your cigar going strong. Be warned this lighter is not going to be wear and tear friendly, you heard it here first at CLR...That said, she is a real beauty upon first site and sure to light strong for many years to come. The suggested MSRP is sky high, but can be found for MUCH less with some research. Kick back old school style, no torch lighter needed here!

Pros - classic appeal, nice weight
Consideration - not sure how it will look after heavy use

Colibri Carbon Fiber Pen Review

Colibri Carbon Fiber Pen

Colibri Carbon Fiber Pen
Colibri Carbon Fiber Pen
When your not torching a cigar with your favorite Colibri lighter, why not light up your writing with the Colibri Carbon Fiber pen? Carbon fiber is all the rage from cars, watches, lighters, pens, etc., and all things manly. Why not jump in? With a jet black carbon pattern, the Colibri pen is very striking. The pen has a good weight and feels quite nice in the hand ergonomically. The ink rolls out well using a rollerball. For an expensive pen, the clip is very flimsy, definitely an oversight in CLR opinion. This Colibri Carbon Fiber pen is presented in a nice leather rectangle box, with a suggested price of $75. Carbon fiber items in general tend to carry a much higher price point premium price. The good news is this rollerball pen can be found for much less with a little bit of searching.

Pros - writes nicely, good weight, carbon fiber
Consideration - very flimsy clip, hopefully it last as long as pen

Friday, November 2, 2012

Xikar Mammoth Cutter Review

Xikar Mammoth Ivory
Xikar Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutter Review
Looking for exclusivity and need a new cigar cutter? Xikar has the answer with a very unique cutter call Xi3 Fossil Mammoth Ivory Cutter. As you can see pictured above, the left and right side are made of 10,000 year old mammoth tusk ivory! Xikar finishes the ivory with what feels and looks like a smooth protective coating. Each cutter is truly unique and no two are alike. What makes these even more special is each piece is individually numbered, signed, certificate of authenticity, presented in a gift box, and will be a limited Xikar cutter. One thing that CLR did noticed are the sides are very smooth/slick. CLR used great caution when cutting to ensure the Mammoth cutter did not slip out while cutting. Do not want to know what happens to 10,000 year old ivory taking a fall on a hard surface. That would likely not be cool! When you hold the cutter for the first time it is rather thought provoking. How can you not wonder the history of ivory in your very hand. If you think this cutter is as awesome as it sounds it will set you back $399 at list price...Yeah, owning 10,000 year old mammoth ivory is not cheap, but it is a damn sweet Xikar cigar cutter for sure!

Pros - likely to have the rarest cutter amongst your amigos!
Consideration - this is not a cutter you casually toss around

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Colibri Guillotine Cutter

Colibri Guillotine
Colibri Guillotine Cigar Cutter
This is a Colibri Guillotine Cutter branded with "Diesel" cigar brand on it. This particular Colibri cutter style can be found with many of your favorite brands embedded on them. I happen to own this (not the one pictured) and have put it through its paces. Probably around 100+ cuts and still cuts a cigar well. The quick release still works well, though, sometimes one side gets "stuck". It pops right out once grabbed, not that big of a deal, but worth noting.

Colibri Guillotine Cutter

The Colibri Guillotine Cutter is very well constructed, appears to be all steal. Actually, built shockingly good for at a MSRP of 29.95. If you want an affordable cigar cutter at decent buck, with some good "heft" take a look at this one.

Pros - good construction, ergonomics, price point
Consideration - does not alway snap open evenly without one side "sticking"

Xikar Incline Review

Xikar Incline Torch Lighter
Xikar Incline Cigar Torch Cigar Lighter Review
The Xikar Incline single torch lighter shown here in Gunmetal will not disappoint at this price point. The Incline uses a single jet torch to roast your favorite cigar. With a flick of the thumb the top snaps open nicely and is now ready for torch ignition. Between the the gunmetal and brushed stainless steel the lighter will weather the wear and tear a bit better than some others. The Xikar name is deeply and predominantly engraved on the side of the lighter. For a single torch lighter the size is a bit larger. In this instance this is a good thing as it's very comfortable in the hand. A fuel gauge window and fuel adjusting knob are nice additions. The Incline is offered in silver, black, and gunmetal. All of this at an MSRP of $34.99, not bad, not bad at all for a quality single jet flame lighter!

Pros - nicely finished, great price, Xikar Lifetime Warranty
Consideration - dual process, meaning you have open lid then ignite