Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Xikar Inpress Lighter Review

Xikar Inpress Torch Lighter
Xikar Inpress Cigar Torch Lighter 
  This is a rather basic Xikar torch lighter model, called Inpress. It comes in your standard silver, gunmetal, and of course black. A simple push of the center button pictured above flips open the top to reveal a nice single torch flame. It has Xikar's easy to adjust fuel wheel located on the bottom of lighter. The Inpress is large for a single jet flame lighter and seems like there should be more to it for the size. It left CLR feeling a bit unsatisfied. So much lighter, so little substance. There are other single torch lighters in the Xikar offering that LCR prefers over this offering for roasting the cigar. Mainly based on personal preference in regards to aesthetics and feel. But one can not deny the ease of use! Admittedly, the list price is very good for this type of lighter with a lifetime warranty, coming in at $39.99.

Pros - Lifetime warranty, ease of use
Consideration - Feels a bit "clunky" CLR's opinion